36 Michigan Facts: Interesting Facts About Michigan

Last updated on March 8th, 2019

31. Michigan State University in Lancing, Michigan is one of the top 30 public universities in the United States. It was founded in 1855 and today it is one of the largest universities in the United States. It is the top most university in the nation for undergraduate program in supply chain.[20,21]

32. Michigan has the world’s largest weather vane. It is 48 feet tall with an arrow 26 feet long.[22]

33. Harriet Quimby, born in Arcadia, Michigan was the first woman to gain a pilot’s license in the United States. In 1912, she became the first woman to fly across the English Channel.[28]

34. Interestingly, the state is also credited with building the world’s largest snowball measuring 10.04 m in circumference. It was built by the students from ASME Michigan Technical University in Houghton, Michigan on March 29, 2013.[24]

35. Did you know that the largest sandwich ever made in the world was prepared by Wild Woody’s Chill and Grill, Roseville, Michigan, on 17 March 2005? Now, are you interested in knowing how big it was? Here are its other dimensions: it was 0.44 m thick, 3.6 m long and 3.6 m wide. And it weighed 2467.5 kg.[25]

36. Comparatively, Michigan has more surface area than Illinois (one of its bordering states) but has less population.[26]

Michigan State – Quick facts and state symbols

State AbbreviationMI
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State CapitalLansing
Largest cityDetroit
State SizeTotal (Land + Water): 96,716 sq miles; Land Only: 56,804 sq miles
(Estimate July 1, 2017 from United States Census Bureau)
StatehoodJanuary 26, 1837
State rank by population10th
State rank by date of formation26th
State rank by area11th
Number of Counties83
Complete list of 50 states and number of counties in each
DemonymMichigander, Michiganian, Yooper (for residents of the Upper Peninsula)
Bordering StatesIllinois, Indiana, Minnesota (water border), Ohio, Wisconsin
Official LanguageNone
Highest PointMount Arvon
1,979 ft (603 m)
Lowest pointLake Erie
571 ft (174 m)
Length 456 miles (734 km)
Width386 miles (621 km)
National ParksIsle Royale National Park
GovernorRick Snyder
Electoral Votes16
State MottoSi quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice (If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you)
State NicknameWolverine State
% Water41.5
Nobel Prize WinnersSamuel C.C. Ting (Physics, 1976)
Robert J. Shiller (Economic Sciences, 2013)
Eric Betzig (Chemistry, 2014)
Ralph Bunche (Peace, 1950)
Glenn T. Seaborg (Chemistry, 1951)
Thomas H. Weller (Physiology or Medicine, 1954)
Alfred D. Hershey (Physiology or Medicine, 1969)
Famous PeopleJerome Bettis (Pro Footbal Player)
John Smoltz (Baseball Player)
Magic Johnson (Basketball Player)
Mike Modano (Ice Hockey Player)
Kate Upton (Actress)
Stevie Wonder (Singer)

State GemChlorastrolite

State SoilKalkaska sand

State FlagThe Flag of the State of Michigan

Flag of Michigan.svg

State sealThe Great Seal of the State of Michigan

Seal of Michigan.svg

State Coat of Arms

Coat of arms of Michigan.svg

State Quarter

Michigan quarter

State FishBrook trout

Old colored print of brook trout

State WildflowerDwarf lake iris

Dwarf Lake Iris.jpg

State BirdAmerican robin


State FlowerApple blossom

Flowering crabapple in Washington DC.jpg

State Game MammalWhite-tailed deer

Where is Mummy?
State ReptilePainted turtle

An adult specimen pointed straight with its head raised and facing towards its left

State TreeWhite pine

Pinus strobus Syvania.jpg


Mammut americanum.jpg

Longitude82° 7' W to 90° 25' W
Latitude41° 41' N to 48° 18' N
Time ZoneEastern Time Zone, Central Time Zone
Area Codes231, 248, 269, 278, 313, 517, 586, 616, 679, 734, 810, 906, 947, 989
Data SourceWikipedia, 1Keydata, State Symbol USA
Table Last UpateApril 2, 2018