49 Interesting Facts About Cigarettes

Last updated on January 18th, 2018

49 Interesting facts about cigarettes

#1. Smoking was invented by Brazilians almost 2000 years ago. They made the first cigarette by rolling tobacco leaves in paper.

#2. The word ‘Nicotine’ comes from the last name of Jean Nicot, who bought tobacco to Portugal.

#3. Smoking is the cause of 20% of the deaths in the U.S. every year.

#4. And smoking has its first prey around 1859, when the first death related to tobacco was first reported.

#5. And smoking has almost 50% chances of killing an addict.

#6. You are killing 11 minutes of your expected life span with every cigarette you smoke. So be cautious if you want to live longer.

#7. Every cigarette carries 70 chemicals that are a cause of cancer. There are more than 4500 different chemical in a cigarette. It contains arsenic, formaldehyde, lead, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and many other carcinogens.

#8. Smoking is such a bad habit that 69% of the smokers want to leave this habit but many are unsuccessful at their attempt.

#9. In the U.S. alone, every day smoking attracts 4000 new teens to it.

#10. Smoking is legal for minors in the U.S. and most parts of Europe. However, purchasing cigarettes (for minors) is not.

#11. Passive smoking, which is inhaling of the smoke exhaled by a smoker, is known to be the cause of at least 50,000 deaths every year in the U.S. alone.

#12. Small puffs while smoking produce stimulating effects while deep puffs induce sedation.

#13. A whopping number of cigarettes are smoked worldwide every day. And the tally reaches 15 billion. Yeah, it’s almost double the total population of the world which is around 7.2 billion at this time in 2015.

#14. The first anti-smoking campaign was started by Adolf Hitler.

#15. Chinese smoke a lot of cigarettes and they form 1/3rd of the cigarette smoking population of the world. We could also say that Chinese smokers outnumber the entire population of the U.S.

#16. If you were found smoking near an Apple computer, you may not be entitled to claim warranty for the product, in case the need be.

#17. Cancer is mainly caused by tobacco and alcohol. 30% relief from this deadly disease can be seen, if people quit smoking and alcohol.

#18. The second president of the U.S., John Adams started smoking at the age of eight.

#19. Smoking elevates the risk of heart attacks. It almost doubles or quadruples the risk.

#20. In Indonesia, a boy smoked 40 cigarettes a day. And he was 2 years old. Yes, just two years. And he was in headlines for the same.

#21. Do not be surprised to know that cigarettes are the most littered items on the earth. Every year, 1.69 billion pound of cigarette butts end up as toxic trash.

#22. The global market for cigarettes is of $400 billion and cigarettes are the single most traded items on the earth.

#23. In Japan, minimum legal age to buy cigarettes is 20 years.

#24. A popular belief is that the smokers who smoke after meals tend to digest their meals well.

#25. The average loss of life for male smokers is 13.2 years while that for female smokers is 14.5 years.

smoking cigarettes
Quit smoking before it kills you. Image credit

#26. The nicotine content in several major brands of cigarettes is on the rise. This is a serious threat and a warning sign for those who want to quit smoking before it is too #late.

#27. January 1, 1971 was the last day when cigarettes were advertised on TV in the U.S. President Nixon brought up a strict policy against cigarette smoking and mandated the manufacturers to place a warning sign on such products.

#28. American cigarette manufacturers sell majority of their produce outside America and make a lot of money as a result. They have at least 70% of the market share with brands such as Kent, Camel, Marlboro and Kool.

#29. Urea is used to flavor cigarettes.

#30. Public smoking ban has resulted in a decrease in the number of people who visited pubs, bars and restaurants.

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