62 Interesting Facts About Singapore

Last updated on September 20th, 2017

Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is a global city in Southeast Asia. Singapore was occupied by Japan during World War 2. Today, it is titled as “the easiest place to do business” by the World Bank.

62 interesting facts about Singapore

#1. Singapore is conquering Asia sand by sand….literally. Singapore has been accused of buying too much sand from Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam. It led to several protests and blockades on sand trade after countries found chunks of their land being shipped off to Singapore.

#2. Singapore is very passionate about toilets. The Singapore government tabled a UN resolution to designate 19th November as the World Toilet Day. It not only got the support of 122 other countries but the World Toilet Organization was formed on 19th November 2001, in Singapore.

#3. Singapore can teach the world some lessons in honesty. The tiny city-state is the least corrupt in Asia and the 5th least corrupt country in the world.

#4. In Singapore, parents teach their kids good manners while the government teaches the parents some. Singapore actually had a government-backed National Courtesy Campaign, since 1979, where Singaporeans were taught ethics and mannerisms. However, in 2001, it changed to the Singapore Kindness Movement.

#5. Singapore has its national tree planting day on 7th November every year. Everyone from the Prime Minister to foreign diplomats to ordinary citizens’ plant trees on this day. Singaporeans even adopt and name trees for their children as birthday gifts or wedding presents.

#6. But when Singapore plants trees, it plants them in style. The government opened up a series of manmade solar-powered trees, up to 50 meters high, in the ‘Gardens at the Bay’ project. It is now a cultural symbol and a tourist hotspot.

#7. More than 80% of Singapore’s population lives in government-subsidized houses while the home ownership rate in Singapore is a staggering 92% (The highest in the world).

#8. Usain Bolt may be the fastest sprinter in the world, but Singaporeans are collectively the fastest pedestrians on the planet.

Interesting facts - never ending crowd in Singapore
Never ending crowd in Singapore. Image credit – Dickson Phua

#9. In Singapore, stop chewing your gum if you see the police. Or simply don’t carry one. Currently, it is banned except without medical prescription.

#10. Caning is actually still a legal form of punishment in Singapore. If you are caught vandalizing the tropical paradise, you won’t be able to sit properly for a few weeks.

#11. Car lovers are almost broke in Singapore. Car use is heavily discouraged by the government and car owners have to pay additional 1.5 times the car price to get their car certified.

#12. Catch 30 male giraffes and stack them on top of each other. Climb onto the top giraffe to get a wonderful view of Singapore. Alternatively, just take a ride in the world’s second highest observation wheel, The Singapore Wheel. At 165 m, it missed the first place by just 2 meters.

Flying in the Singapore Wheel
A beautiful view while flying in the Singapore Wheel. Image credit – Andrew Currie

#13. Dream high but build low. Singapore has a limit on the height of its buildings- a fair 280 m. There are three buildings in Singapore exactly 280 m in length.

#14. If you are born a man in Singapore, you have to handle the big guns once you reach 18. Singapore has compulsory military conscription of 1-2 years.

#15. Elevators in Singapore have Urine Detection Device, and if it detects the smell of kidney filtered water, it locks the doors until the police arrive. Singapore has passed a very specific law which prohibits urinating in the elevators.

#16. Singapore punches well above its weight. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIRP), it’s the world’s 5th largest arms importer.

#17. The Reporters without Borders, an agency that evaluates press freedom across nations, had a hard time reporting from Singapore. They ended up placing the island nation at 153 among 180 nations.

Singapore map
Singapore map

#18. It’s a crime to not flush the public toilet after use in Singapore.

#19. The Hort Park in Singapore is the first Park dedicated to exclusive gardening niche and is a gardening lifestyle hub in Asia.

#20. Though Singapore is a city state, it consists of 63 smaller islands.

#21. The five stars in the national flag of Singapore represents the ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. The color red signifies brotherhood while white represents purity.

#22. The Singapore Grand Prix Racing Circuit is not only Asia’s first one but also held the first ever F1 night-race in its 2008 inaugural race.

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