51 Alaska Facts That Are Interesting

Last updated on September 24th, 2022

36. Anchorage has the fifth-busiest air-freight airport in the world in annual tonnage. Alaska has six times as many pilots per capita as the rest of the nation.[39,41]

37. Alaska has an estimated 100,000 glaciers. 

38. Juneau is the largest capital city and the second largest city in the United States by area.[16]

39. Alaskans celebrated “Alaska Agricultural Day” on May 7th, 2019. By purchasing products produced in Alaska, the aim of celebrating the day was to educate the youth about the importance of agriculture in the economy of Alaska.[15]

40. If you are a northern lights enthusiast, note that they can be seen in Fairbanks 243 days a year. 

41. For every 25 people in Alaska, there is one bear.

Alaska seaplane base near George Parks Highway.
Alaska seaplane base near George Parks Highway.

42. Did you know that the land of the sourdoughs (Alaska) has 114 seaplane bases, far more than any other state?[40]

43. Did you know you could fit California into Alaska 4 times, Arkansas 12 times, Alabama 13 times, Arizona 6 times, Connecticut 118 times, Delaware 264 times, Florida 10 times, and Hawaii 60 times?[19]

44. Lake Iliamna is the largest lake in Alaska and the eighth largest lake in the United States by surface area.[21]

Mt Iliamna, a glacier covered volcano located in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.
Mt Iliamna, a glacier covered volcano located in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

45. Lake George in Alaska was one of the most consistent self-dumping lakes in North America until 1967 when it was designated as a National Natural Landscape. When the lake outlet was blocked by the Knik Glacier, the lake swelled with water until summer when the dam broke and the water dumped into the Knik River.[37]

46. A mysterious place in Alaska called the “Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle” is the home ground of the missing people, the number of which exceeds 16,000 to this day. Every year, scores of people vanish without leaving a trail while exploring or passing through this so-called area.[25] 

47. Statistically, Alaska has more annual missing person reports than anywhere else in the country; twice the national average.[24]

48. Alaska and Hawaii are the only two US states that are not bordered by any other U.S. state.[27]

Great Sitkin Volcano, Alaska.
Great Sitkin Volcano viewed from an airplane. Image by – Nathan Coats.

49. According to experts, Alaska is the most seismically active state in the U.S. The state is located along the Pacific “Ring of Fire” and earthquakes here are no surprise. The state also experienced the second-largest earthquake ever recorded, a 9.2 magnitude in 1964.[26] 

50. Southern Alaska is home to one of the fastest-moving underwater tectonic faults in the world.[26] 

51. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System carries oil from North Slope to the port of Valdez, Alaska. The construction of the pipeline/system began in 1975 and ended in 1977. The $8 billion system which runs 800 miles carries an average of 1.8 million barrels of oil a day. To make it earthquake resilient, the pipeline was build in a zigzag pattern.[28,29]

Trans-Alaska pipeline map. Alaska fact file
Map of the Trans-Alaska pipeline. Image credit – Alaskacenters.gov

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