45 Interesting Facts About Computers

Last updated on July 25th, 2022

36. In 1948, the first software to run on a computer was developed by University of Manchester researchers. Tom Kilburn, Frederic Williams, and Geoff Toothill made it possible to invent software technology.

37. The U.S. Navy was the first customer to purchase one of the first commercially manufactured computers. 1101 was meant to store a million bits and was incorporated with high-speed capabilities. The U.S. Navy found the computer suitable for their military activities.

The original Macintosh from 1984, with an extra floppy drive.
The original Macintosh from 1984, with an extra floppy drive. Interesting Facts About Computers. Image credit – Marcin Wichary

38. Webb and Grimsdale were the first people to develop an early transistorized computer.

39. Alan Turning is the father of computer science. Unfortunately, Alan committed suicide because some people wanted him to undergo hormonal treatment for his homosexuality, which he most likely was not ready to entertain. To make matters even worse, he was banned from proceeding with his research on the condition that he gives in to the treatment.

40. Since cheques with high value require double-checking, large banks use computers to process debit cards and charges by the most elevated amount first.

41. The first programs operated in 0s and 1s. In other words, computers can only understand 0s and 1s to communicate. Therefore, this explains why in the early days, there were very few software developers. Interestingly, that has changed over time as programming languages have become more straightforward.

Very rare first computer mouse from USSR. computer fact file
Very rare first computer mouse from USSR. Image via shutterstock/Militarist

42. The operating system is the mother of all software. Other programs cannot run on a computer if the computer does not have a functional operating system. Windows and the Androids are the standard operating systems used in many devices in the world.

43. The Internet came into existence in the 1960s, and the main objective was to share resources. Interestingly, it has grown to become an essential medium of the economy of the world.

44. The classification of computers is based on internal structures, features, applicability, and computer system. There are eight types of computers: mainframe computer, supercomputer, workstation computer, personal computer, Apple Macintosh, Laptop computer, Tablet and Smartphones.

45. Super Computers are the fastest and the most expensive types of computers. A supercomputer can solve complex calculations within the shortest time possible.