50 Interesting Facts About Alligators

Last updated on May 22nd, 2023

43. The Florida Gators

Alligator mascots represent one of the most successful college football teams. Albert Einstein Gator and Alberta Gator have statues inside the University of Florida. They used to bring a live alligator on the field until they switched to the costumed version in 1970.

44. Alligator Animation

In the 1960s, Hanna-Barbera produced an animated TV series called Wally Gator. The carefree alligator wore a white collar and a pork pie hat. He lives in the city zoo but likes to explore the outside world.

45. Favorite Pet in America

A gentle reptile also named WallyGator gives hugs and goes on leashed walks. He is an emotional support animal for his cancer-stricken owner. With his own Tiktok account, he also offers comfort to thousands of followers and is in the running for Favorite Pet in America.

46. Gators on Golf Courses

Alligators can make surprise appearances on Florida fairways. Some even interrupt games by grabbing balls with their mouths and running away with them. It often happens during warmer weather, which coincides with mating season when the animals are restless.

47. Ecotourism

Alligator hunting gave way to ecotourism. The latter helps local economies while preserving the animal population and maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Tourists can hop on boats to go around the Everglades and other locations to see them in their natural habitat.

48. Pest Control

Rodents such as coypu and muskrats wreak havoc on the Louisiana coastal wetlands. They have a big appetite for plants. Alligators are welcome predators in the area since they limit the destruction caused by these pests.

49. Theme Park Mascots

Despite their fierce image, alligators often appear in theme parks as mascots. Keep an eye out for them at Walt Disney World waterparks. They have Lagoona Gator in Typhoon Lagoon and Ice-Gator in Blizzard Beach.

Lacoste logo. facts about alligators
Interesting facts about alligators. Photo © FabioConcetta

50. Iconic Logo

A French tennis player once made a bet with his team captain that he would win a game. At stake was an alligator skin suitcase. The story captured the attention of the media, which began comparing their tenacious playing style with the animal. It inspired the logo of his clothing company, Lacoste.