49 Interesting Facts About Zebras

Last updated on May 26th, 2023

39. A Zebra Herd Can Have As Many as 1,000 Individuals

The herd will have a dominant stallion with several foals and mares. A bachelor herd comprises males who are old enough to separate from their mothers but too young to compete for mates.

40. Herds Offer Zebras Protection

In a herd, zebras will look out for each other and warn each other if there is danger. A herd will fight for its own if attacked. Herds protect foals by placing them in the middle during travel. 

41. Never Underestimate the Fighting Tactics of a Zebra

They are especially protective of their foals and will defend them at any cost. When threatened, biting and kicking are their fighting skills. They protect themselves using their strong legs, great speed, and large herd.

42. Where Can I See Zebras in Africa?

Kenya has the highest population of zebras in the world. Therefore, it is the best place to see zebras. Other countries that are good for a zebra safari are Uganda, Ethiopia, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.

43. Why Can’t A Zebra Just Be Called a Horse

Don’t mistake a zebra for a stripped horse. They belong to the horse family and are related to donkeys but they are very distinct from these two. You can never domesticate zebras like you can do donkeys and horses.

44. Zebras Are Good Parents

Zebras don’t abandon their babies. They put a lot of effort into raising their young ones. They are always ready to defend their foals.

45. Can A Zebra Attack a Lion?

Think the lion is invincible? Wait until it meets a zebra. The kick of a zebra is strong enough to break a lion’s jaw.

46. Thought Zebras are Dumb?

Don’t be deceived by their simple looks. Zebras are intelligent social animals. They are smart where it counts. They can excellently locate sources of fresh, green grass and water, which is important for them. They are great at defending themselves and avoiding predators.

47. Can You Ride a Zebra?

So, you want to ride a zebra. If you can ride a horse, why not a zebra? It is not recommended to ride a zebra. They are aggressive and can hurt someone when approached. Their smaller build means that they cannot support the weight of a human adult for long.

48. Zebras Are Big Socialites

Zebras and giraffe
Facts about Zebras. Photo © Patryk Kosmider

Zebras are social animals and they live in large herds. A herd has smaller family groups. When they migrate, ‘super herds’ contain thousands of zebras.

49. Can You Eat A Zebra?

Fancy eating a zebra? How does it taste? You will need to go to South Africa to have a taste of zebra meat. There, it is legal to eat Burchell zebra, a subspecies of plains zebra. Some say it is sweeter than beef.