50 Interesting Facts About Grand Canyon

Last updated on July 29th, 2022

45. President Theodore Roosevelt Made Significant Progress Towards Establishing the National Park Status of The Grand Canyon

He declared the area a Game Reserve in 1903 and made it a national monument in 1908. These declarations didn’t require congressional approval.

46. President Woodrow Wilson established the National Park Status of the Grand Canyon

He signed legislation to that effect in 1919. President Wilson never saw the Canyon in person.   

47. The Rim Trail is Suitable for Most People

Much of it is paved. It is 13 miles long and connects Hermit’s Rest with the South Kaibab trailhead.

Aerial view of Grand Canyon
Aerial view of Grand Canyon. Image credit – Jonathan Fox

48. The South Kaibab Trail Offers Broad Views of the Canyon

For the perfect day hike, consider the South Kaibab trail. It is a properly maintained and well-defined dirt trail.

49. The Bright Angel Trail Is a Great Place to Be in The Afternoon

The large shade in the upper section will prevent beat-down from the sun. From May to October, water is available.

50. Can You Fully Experience the Grand Canyon In a Day?

You can experience a lot in a day. However, you will miss out on quite a bit. For the best experience, you need to give yourself a few days.

grand canyon national park
Grand Canyon. Image credit – Fisherga

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The Grand Canyon Can Be Explored on Foot

Ways of exploring on foot include observatory ramp, overnight backpacking trips, day/night hikes, and hiking the trails near the edges.

The Grand Canyon Can Be Explored on the Back of a Mule

This will provide a unique experience of the canyon. The mule will also carry the load.

Departing the South Kaibab Trail for the South Rim.
A helicopter departs from the South Kaibab Trail following a successful medevac mission. Image credit – Grand Canyon National Park

Where to Get Spectacular Views of the Grand Canyon

The South Rim has many vistas that offer amazing views of the canyon. The Toroweap Overlook and Lipan Point offer the most spectacular views.

What about a Helicopter Tour?

To truly appreciate the vastness of the canyon, a helicopter tour is needed. Having a bird’s-eye view of the canyon will make you view the entirety of the canyon.

Image credit – Joanna Poe

Best Tips For Photographing the Grand Canyon

To fully capture the beauty and wonder of the Grand Canyon, you should photograph from different locations. The best times for breathtaking photography are during sunsets, thunderstorms, and snow caps. Ensure to photograph when there is a spectacular background.

Where to Stay

There are six lodges in the park. The best places to stay are the El Tovar Hotel and the Bright Angel Lodge. Most lodges are frequently sold out. Arrange for accommodation in advance.

What to Do If No Rooms Are Available in The Park

Nearby communities including Williams and Tusayan offer numerous lodgings. They also offer an assortment of shops, restaurants, and services.

An NPS employee plows snow near the Grand Canyon Visitor Center.
An NPS employee plows snow near the Grand Canyon Visitor Center. Image credit – Grand Canyon National Park

Like to Camp?

The South Rim has two campgrounds: Desert View and Mather. Online reservations are allowed for Mather sites. Desert View sites are first-come, first-served.

Want to Enjoy a Bike Ride?

The Grand Canyon is bike-friendly. There are bike rentals. The North Rim Campground and the South Rim’s Mather Campground have bike-only campsites.

Grand Canyon National Park - Kaibab Suspension Bridge 8578

The South Kaibab Trail crosses the Colorado River on this narrow foot bridge 440 feet/ 134 m across and 70 feet/ 21 m above the water. Access to Bright Angel Campground and Phantom Ranch is via this bridge, built in 1928. NPS Photo by Michael Quinn. Image credit – Grand Canyon National Park

Want To Get Married at the Grand Canyon?

There is one indoor location (The Shrine of the Ages) and eight outdoor areas. Lodges are also available.

Want To Float the Colorado River?

You will need to reserve a commercial rafting trip ahead of time. For private rafting permits, they are issued through a lottery. You can wait for up to five years for a private rafting permit.

The Grand Canyon – quick facts and statistics

Established1919 as the 17th national park in the United States
Size1.2 million acres (4,856.23 sq km)
Annual Visitors6.2 million
Visitor CentersSouth Rim, North Rim
Length277 miles (446 km)
Width4 to 18 miles (6.4 to 29.0 km)
Age5-6 million years
LocationArizona, U.S.
CavesEstimated - 1000;
recorded - 335
Depth6000 feet
1829 meters