38 Important Facts About Haiti

Last updated on June 29th, 2020

36. Christopher Columbus is also buried in Haiti in the Cathedral of Santa Maria.

37. Slaves were sold by Haiti to other countries, which brought them great wealth at the time.

38. The 2010 earthquake caused devastation to such an extent that as per experts, it will take decades to rebuild the lost infrastructure to support: health, governance, agriculture, and security. It also claimed the lives of more than 200,000 Haitians.

Interesting Facts About Haiti – Deforestation in Haiti. Source

The devastation caused by natural disasters becomes uncontainable because there is no way to bound the floods and obstruct their floor. The land also becomes infertile because of the removal of its top layer. Destruction in Haiti has had threatening impacts in the past and continues to endanger the current population unless strict measures are adopted and practiced.

Haiti – the country at a glance

Independence1 January 1804 (from France)
Capital CityPort-au-Prince
(18°32′N 72°20′W)
Largest CityPort-au-Prince
(18°32′N 72°20′W)
National Anthem"La Dessalinienne" (The Dessalines Song)
National holidayIndependence Day, 1 January (1804)
National symbolsHispaniolan trogon (bird), hibiscus flower
National colors
blue, red
Total area27,750 sq km
Population10,788,440 (July 2018 est.)
Population growth rate1.31% (2018 est.)
Literacy rate61.7%
Official LanguagesFrench and Haitian Creole
BordersDominican Republic
CurrencyHaitian gourde (G) (HTG)
ReligionRoman Catholic
Life expectancy at birth 65.3 years.
Life expectancy at birth indicates the number of years a newborn infant would live if prevailing patterns of mortality at the time of its birth were to stay the same throughout its life.
Terrainmostly rough and mountainous
Mean elevation470 m
Highest pointChaine de la Selle 2,680 m
Lowest pointCaribbean Sea 0 m
Suffrage18 years of age; universal
Natural resourcesbauxite, copper, calcium carbonate, gold, marble, hydropower, arable land
Agricultural land66.4%
Birth rate21.7 births/1,000 population (2020 est.)
Death rate7.4 deaths/1,000 population (2020 est.)
Sex ratio 0.976 male(s)/female (2020 est.)
Government typesemi-presidential republic
PresidentJovenel Moïse
Prime MinisterJoseph Joute
Industriestextiles, sugar refining, flour milling, cement, light assembly using imported parts
Exports$980.2 million (2017 est.)
apparel, manufactures, oils, cocoa, mangoes, coffee
Imports$3.618 billion (2017 est.)
food, manufactured goods, machinery and transport equipment, fuels, raw materials
GDP - per capita (PPP):$1,800 (2017 est.)
Internet country code.ht
Time ZoneEST (UTC−5)
Calling Code+509
Drives on theRight
Data sourcesCentral Intelligence Agency, Wikipedia.org
Table last updatedMarch 22, 2020