39 Interesting Facts About Taiwan

Last updated on April 18th, 2019

10 Facts About The Taiwan Flag

30. The KMT party flag has now become the Taiwan flag, which represents a blue sky with a white sun.

31. The twelve rays of sun represent 12 Chinese hours of the time clock, and the 12 months of the year.

32. The red on the Taiwanese flag symbolizes the revolutionaries and the blood they shed to create the ROC (also known as Taiwan).

33. The Taiwanese flag was used in mainland China, as well as by the KMT in the 1900s.

34. This flag became the official flag of Taiwan in 1928.

flag of Taiwan
The flag of Taiwan. Image credit – CIA

35. The design of the Taiwan flag was created by Sun Yat Sen and Lu Hao Tung.

36. The Taiwan flag is sometimes referred to as the flag of the ROC.

37. To pronounce the name of the flag, use these words: “Zhonghua Minguo Guogi”

38. As China does not recognize Taiwan’s independence, the Taiwan flag is not allowed to be used during sporting events. The Taipei flag is replaced during these occasions.

39. The colours of the flag are symbolic of the three principles of the people of Taiwan. This is the political policy of making China free, prosperous, and powerful. These principles were developed by Sun Yat Sen, who is the father for the nation as regarded by China and Taiwan. The blue color stands for nationalism and liberty. The red color stands for livelihood and togetherness. The white color stands for democracy and equality.

Although Taiwan operates as an independent country, many countries (including the U.S.) do not officially recognize it as one. The People’s Republic of China considers Taiwan a breakaway province of China, and countries who wish to maintain diplomatic relations with China have had to sever their formal relations with Taiwan (infoplease.com.)

Taiwan – country at a glance

Capital CityTaipei
(25°02′N 121°38′E)
Largest CityNew Taipei
(25°01′N 121°28′E)
Areatotal: 35,980 sq km

land: 32,260 sq km

water: 3,720 sq km

note: includes the Pescadores, Matsu, and Quemoy islands
Population23,580,712 (2022 est.)
Population growth rate0.11% (2020 est.)
Official LanguageMandarin
Land BordersIsland country
CurrencyNew Taiwan dollar (NT$) (TWD)
Literacy rate98.5% (2014)
Life expectancy81.16 years (2022)
Life expectancy at birth indicates the number of years a newborn infant would live if prevailing patterns of mortality at the time of its birth were to stay the same throughout its life.
Government typesemi-presidential republic
PresidentTsai Ing-wen
Vice-PresidentLai Ching-te
National symbolswhite, 12-rayed sun on blue field
National colorsblue, white, red
National anthem"Zhonghua Minguo guoge" (National Anthem of the Republic of China)
Natural resourcessmall deposits of coal, natural gas, limestone, marble, asbestos, arable land
Highest pointYu Shan 3,952 m
Lowest pointSouth China Sea 0 m
Mean elevation1,150 m
Terrain eastern two-thirds mostly rugged mountains; flat to gently rolling plains in west
Climatetropical; marine; rainy season during southwest monsoon (June to August); persistent and extensive cloudiness all year
Agricultural land22.7%
Birth rate7.39 births/1,000 population (2022 est.)
Death rate7.89 deaths/1,000 population (2022 est.)
Sex ratio0.97 male(s)/female (2022 est.)
Industrieselectronics, communications and information technology products, petroleum refining, chemicals, textiles, iron and steel, machinery, cement, food processing, vehicles, consumer products, pharmaceuticals
Exports$388.49 billion (2019 est.)
integrated circuits, office machinery/parts, computers, refined petroleum, liquid crystal displays (2019)
Imports$308.744 billion (2019 est.)
integrated circuits, crude petroleum, photography equipment, natural gas, refined petroleum (2019)
GDP - per capita (PPP)$24,502 (2018 est.)
Time ZoneNational Standard Time (UTC+8)
Internet country code.tw
Calling Code+886
Drives on theRight
Table last updatedAugust 6, 2022