40 Interesting Facts About Mercedes Benz

Last updated on June 9th, 2021

Mercedes Benz embodies luxurious comfort, safety and powerful performance. Here are 40 facts about Mercedes Benz that every car aficionado will love.

1. The Beginning

Karl Benz invented and patented the first modern automobile, the Motorwagen in 1886. It was a three wheeled vehicle. Applied on January 29, 1886, the patent – number 37435 – may be regarded as the birth certificate of the automobile.

The world’s first automobile
The world’s first automobile was developed by Carl Benz in 1885. Facts about Mercedes Benz.

2. The Man with the First Driver’s License

Karl Benz was the first person to receive a driver’s license.

3. The Shortest Test Drive

After dealing with several issues such as the engine stalling and a snapped chain link, Benz took the Motorwagen for a test drive with his wife, Bertha, by his side. He crashed into the wall of the workshop. This was both, the world’s first as well as the shortest test drive.

4. The Woman Beside the Man

Bertha Benz, Karl Benz’s wife supported him in all possible ways. She funded his research and inventions.

Mercedes Supercar Frontview
Mercedes Supercar Frontview. Image credit – iseecars iseecars

5. The First Road Trip

Bertha Benz took the Motorwagen for a 130 mile journey round trip with her two sons. It was the first ever automobile road trip.

6. Of Innovation and Bravado

While the historic road journey went off smoothly, Bertha Benz encountered several problems that she resolved with ingenuity. She used her hairpin to unclog the fuel pipe and created an insulator with one of her garters.

7. Fuel from Pharmacies

The Motorwagen used benzene as a fuel, which was available in pharmacies.

Mercedes AMG. Mercedes Benz fact file
Mercedes AMG. Mercedes Benz facts. Image credit – V i N 1 0 0 _ B

8. The World’s First Filling Station

On the historic road trip, Bertha Benz had to stop at Weisloch to refuel the automobile. This makes the Weisloch Pharmacy the world’s first filling station. Bertha Benz decided to go for the road trip to promote her husband’s invention. On the road, she deeply influenced hundreds of individuals and also frightened a few because a motorized coach was a pretty rare sight in those days. 

9. The Foundation

The brand was founded by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. It was originally known as Daimler Benz, and first marketed by Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (DMG) in 1901.

10. Mercedes

The Mercedes Benz is named after Mercedes Jellinek, daughter of the automobile entrepreneur, Emil Jellinek who worked with DMG, and was an excellent marketing strategist. Her Spanish name translated to “mercy.” The company later went on to have the “Mercedes” name trademarked 1902.

Mercedes Benz prototypes. facts about Mercedes Benz cars
Mercedes Benz prototypes. Image credit – Asim Zeeshan

11. Monsieur Mercedes

In 1899, Jellinek participated in the Nice Race Week under the pseudonym, Monsieur Mercédès. This was the start of the legend of Mercedes Benz on the racing track.

12. First Ever Motorsport

Gottlieb Daimler is credited for running and winning the first ever motorsport event in 1894.

13. The Unmistakable Logo

The logo of the Mercedes Benz is synonymous with luxury and quality. The three point star enclosed in a circle was designed by Gottlieb Daimler. It symbolises the use of Daimler engines on land, at sea and in the air.

Mercedes Benz Three Pointer logo. Mercedes cars fact file
Mercedes Benz Three Pointer logo. Image credit – Dimitar Nikolov Dimitar Nikolov

14. The Fourth Point

At one point the company considered a change in the design of the star to include a fourth point that would signify space. However, they decided against it.

15. The Design that Was

One of the 40 facts about Mercedes Benz that would interest you is that, while the triangular star dominated the design, the logo has changed over the last century. For several decades it included the name Mercedes Benz.

16. Putting a Brake on it

In 1924, the company became the first to put brakes on all four wheels. This made the Mercedes Benz cars amongst the safest vehicles on the roads.

Mercedes-Benz SL400
Mercedes-Benz SL400. Image credit – FotoSleuth

17. Anti Lock Brakes

In the 1970s Mercedes Benz worked with Bosch to develop the anti lock braking system. In 1978, it became the first automobile company to offer it in its S class vehicles. This technology allows the driver to steer the car even while the brakes are fully applied.

18. Suspension is Key

In 1931, unlike other vehicles of the time, the Mercedes Benz 170 featured suspension on all corners of the car. It used a coil spring design for the rear and leaf springs in the front.

19. The 1906 Hybrid

The concept of a hybrid is not a new one. The Mercedes Benz Mixte combined the advantages of the electric and gasoline powered engines.

Mercedes Benz SLS. Mercedes facts
Mercedes Benz SLS. Image credit – anax44

20. Pre Safe to Keep You Safe

Mercedes Benz is a pioneer in the field of car safety. In 2002, it introduced its Pre Safe System. The system was designed to detect possible collision, and avoid it.

21. Taking Car Safety to a Whole New Level

When it comes to keeping drivers and passengers safe, Mercedes Benz is an industry leader. The safety system includes numerous measures. In the event of an imminent collision, the seats move to ensure the seat belts are well tightened.

22. Crumples for Safety

In 1951, Mercedes Benz introduced special cells in its car body. In the event of a collision, the cells in the ‘crumple zones’ would redistribute the impact.

23. The Distinctive Mercedes Benz Silver

Today, Mercedes Benz cars are available in a wide range of colors. However, it is still associated with its distinctive silver color.

24. The Silver Arrow Rises

The distinct Mercedes Benz silver color finds its roots on the racing track. In 1934, before the Eifel Race, the paint of the aluminum bodied Mercedes Benz race car was scraped off to reduce its weight. The resulting silver racer was victorious, and the brand discovered its signature silver color. And the legend of the silver arrow rose.

Mercedes-Maybach S500
Mercedes-Maybach S500.

25. On Roads and Racetracks

Mercedes Benz manufactures vehicles for the roads as well as the racetracks. The brand personifies quality, powerful performance and luxury.

26. Formula One Debut

The brand made its Formula One debut in 1954, and has the reputation for building reliable and powerful racecars.

27. It is all in the Numbers

The numbers and alphabets in the name of each Mercedes Benz car reveal a lot about what is under the hood. The numbers describe the displacement of the internal combustion engine.

28. Deciphering the Alphabets

The alphabets in the name tell you a lot about the car. C refers to a coupe body and G represents off road vehicles or SUVs. D is for a diesel engine, E describes the type of engine and K is for an engine that has a supercharger.

29. A Class Apart

The Mercedes Benz class system came into use in the 1980s. Each class has a distinct size, style and price.

Mercedes G63 AMG. Mercedes fact
Mercedes G63 AMG. Image credit – Jacob Frey 4A

29. Understanding the Classes

The A class is a compact front driver vehicle, while the B class has a slightly more powerful engine. C and E are larger and more expensive. If you are looking for a sedan, it is the S class you should look at. The G and M class are SUVs, and the SL is a light sports model.

30. Popemobile

Pope Benedict’s XVI’s official automobile, the Popemobile, was a Mercedes Benz.

31. Worldwide Operations

Mercedes Benz has manufacturing operations in 30 countries across the globe.

32. The First Car in Nepal

The first car to grace Nepalese roads was the Mercedes Benz. It was gifted to the King in 1940.

Mercedes AMG GT-R
Mercedes AMG GT-R.

33. Self Driving Car

In 1995, the brand tested a self driving car. The vehicle had the microprocessors of a supercomputer and drove on the Autobahn at up to 115 mph for a distance of more than 1000 miles.

34. The Best or Nothing

The slogan ‘The best or nothing’ epitomizes the values on which the brand was founded and continues to grow.

35. Bespoke Designs

The brand is known for its commissioned bespoke designs, and is known to have manufactured a car made from white gold.

Mercedes Benz A Class
Mercedes Benz A Class. Image credit – SUPERADRIANME

36. Built by Hand

Mercedes Benz has a ‘one man one engine’ approach to manufacturing. In its main manufacturing plant in Affalterbach, Germany, each car is hand built and hand tuned by a single engineer.

37. The Car that Will Not Squeal

Most cars squeal and rattle at some time or another. This is not true of the Mercedes Benz. Precision welding in as many as 10,000 points allow these premium cars to function smoothly and quietly.

38. The Mercedes Benz Museum

With over 130 cars and 1500 exhibits, the Mercedes Benz Museum at Stuttgart, Germany, is every car enthusiast’s dream come true.

Mercedes convertible. facts about Mercedes cars
Mercedes car. Image credit – John Bauld

39. The Mercedes Benz from Jurassic Park

The Mercedes Benz SUV used in Steven Spielberg’s Hollywood blockbuster Jurassic Park is exhibited at the Mercedes Benz Museum.

40. The First Diesel Automobile

Also on display at the museum is the Mercedes Benz 260D, the world’s first diesel fueled car.