30 Motorcycle Facts: Interesting Facts About Motorcycles

Last updated on February 15th, 2020

27. In the U.S., according to the National Highway Transport Safety Administration’s riders in the age group of 40-55 years are highly prone to get killed in a motorcycle accident.

28. According to a source, almost 75% of the motorcycle accidents happen due to their collision with another automobile; and intersections are the most common place for motorcycle accidents.

29. Use of motorcycle helmets was made compulsory after the ground-breaking research led by Dr Hugh Cairns after the death of Colonel T.E. Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia”) who was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident. The research concluded that the adoption of crash helmets as standard by both military and civilian motorcyclists would result in considerable saving of life. Source

30. Helmeted riders have fewer neck injuries than un-helmeted riders.