50 Interesting Facts About Times Square

36. The Applebee’s store in Times Square takes in more than $13 million annually which makes it the highest-grossing Applebee’s location in the world.

37. It’s widely known that entertainment events in New York are quite costly and Times Square is no exception. However, did you know that you can get discount event tickets at the last minute? It’s true! And the discounts can be as steep as 20 to 50 percent off the regular price. Just head to the TKTS booth on the day the performance you want to see is showing and get your ticket. It’s that easy.

38. During a visit to Times Square, you can visit the NBC Studios and even take a behind-the-scenes tour of the studio where many well-known television shows are produced. You can even attend a taping of Saturday Night Live or Dateline.

39. The Times Square location of well-known, high-end steak restaurant Smith & Wollensky takes in $25 million a year, making it the 3rd top-grossing restaurant in the country.

40. They may be something else entirely different but you can still visit the buildings that were once famous theaters in Times Square in the early 1900s including the building that was once the Loews Mayfair Theater.

Broadway Sign, Times Square
Broadway theatre, also simply known as Broadway, refers to the theatrical performances which are presented in the 41 professional theatres, each with 500 or more seats, located in the Theater District and the Lincoln Center along Broadway, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Facts about Times Square. Image credit – angela n.

41. Watch carefully and you may spot some well-known Broadway actors slipping into the secret hidden bar that they are known to frequent on Restaurant Row. 

42. If you want to purchase an LED sign to display in Time’s Square, it’ll cost you between $1 million and $2 million.

43. A variety of costumed superhero characters roam Times Square but be careful if you get your picture taken with them. They expect to be paid and will go to great lengths to get that money out of you!

Care to hear about some more Interesting Facts about Times Square? It’s mostly known around the world for its elaborate and widely-watched New year’s Eve Event that includes live entertainment and the famous Ball Drop. Below are some more facts specifically referring to the annual Times Square New Year’s Eve and Ball Drop Festivities.

44. The famous New Year’s Eve Ball Drop that takes place every December 31st has been happening since 1907.

45. More than one million people converge on Times Square every New Year’s Eve and they come from all over the world. This New Year’s Eve celebration is one of the most well-known New Year’s events in the world.

46. The Ball Drop did not take place in 1942 and 1943 due to the lighting restrictions that were in place during World War II. In its place, a moment of silence was observed at the stroke of midnight.

47. The ball that is used in the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop was traded in for an energy-efficient ball in 2008. It’s fairly small with a diameter of 12 feet but it weighs in at almost 12,000 pounds!

48. The New Year’s Eve Ball Drop is a very accurate event that sees it planned out so well that the ball is timed to land at the bottom at exactly midnight.

49. The ball used in the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop has more than 16 million colors and more than a billion patterns which create the incredible kaleidoscope effects.

50. There were no spectators in attendance for the New Year’s Ball Drop in Times Square on December 31st, 2020 due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. It was held virtually instead.