34 Interesting Facts About Toilets

Last updated on April 15th, 2022

27. An important fact for the ladies: Urinary flow is usually stronger and easier when women squat to urinate. The bladder is emptied more completely when squatting rather than sitting or “hovering”.

28. Prolonged sitting on the toilet seat can lead to hemorrhoids. Therefore, for avoiding health complications later in your life, avoid using your mobile phone or reading news paper while using the toilet. Such habits are a cause of hemorrhoids.

29. The first underground sewer in the city of Rome was laid by the Etruscans around 500 BC.

Public toilet in Roman. Image credit – http://www.ancient-origins.net/

30. You may have to visit space if you want to see the most expensive toilet in the world. It is fitted in the International Space Station. It costs around 19 million dollars.

31. Do you like the fragrance of the air freshener you use in your toilet? During the early days, pomegranates stuffed with cloves were used to make ‘the first ever toilet air freshener’.

32. The oldest toilet is still functioning about 4000 years after it was built. It can be seen in Knossos in Greece in a small castle.

33. Three out of four people put the flap in front, to stock the toilet paper in their toilet.

34. Some common words used for the loo are: powder room, lavatory, outhouse, ladies, convenience, washroom, men’s room, bathroom, dunny, bog, khazi, gents, garderobe, necessary, women’s room, restroom, potty, privy, the smallest room, cloakroom, latrine, place of easement, water closet (WC), john, can, little girls’ room, little boys’ room, throne room and facilities etc.

After these interesting facts about toilets, here are a few handpicked images from around the web that will spark your interest in turning your urinals or toilets into something or better. Please have a look.

Toilet see outside not inside
From London: You can clearly see out, but no one can see in. Image credit
urinals in bucharest
Urinals in Bucharest. Image credit
Urinals Iceland
From Iceland: Try honing your target practice skills. Image credit
Toilet in Baja
China house, TianJing. Made out of Mosaic tiles.

toilet china house