62 Interesting Facts About Volleyball

Last updated on June 21st, 2023

Interesting facts about Volleyball players

1. Gavin Schmidt

First on the list is Gavin Schmidt. Gavin is Canadian and belongs to the Turkish League. He has won MVP and is considered to be one of the best spikers, scorers and servers.

2. Earvin Ngapeth

Earvin won the 2014 World Championship. Known to have some of the world’s best volleyball moves, he is considered very entertaining to his fans.

3. Saeid Marouf

Third on this list is Saeid Marouf. Saeid is one of the first Iranian players to have played the Russian League. He also won the Russian cup and the CEV Champions League, a most prestigious award.

4. Facundo Conte

Facundo Conte is next having gone from outside hitter to opposite. This change-up is what actually led to him being added to this list. Apparently, this move accentuated his strength.

5. Matt Holt

Matt Holt is an American player. Nicknamed Thunder Holt in the sport, has won the CEV cup and he is known as the best middle blocker in the world.

6. Ivan Zaytsev

Ivan was instrumental in the win of the Italian National Team win the silver medal in 2016 Rio Olympics. He recovered from an unfortunate injury during the World Championship but is considered one of the best outside hitters.

7. Mateusz Mike

Mateusz Mike helped Poland win the World Championship. The best part of this win was that it was done in front of the home crowd. He is known for his consistent volleyball skills. But even more than that, he is known to have never failed to deliver. He is also considered to be one of the most talented volleyball players.

8. Pavel Kruglov

Russian player Pavel Kruglov is in his thirties. He is also considered to be in great shape. As part of the Russian League team, Dinamo Moscow, he is considered the most skillful.

9. Ricardo Lucarelli

Brazilian player Ricardo Lucarelli is twenty-six. Regardless of his age, he is now considered an amazing volleyball player. He already has several accolades under his belt including two World League silver medals and silver medals from the 2014 Volleyball World Championship as well as gold from the 2013 Grand Champions Cup. Being considered one of the best outside hitters is only one of his strengths.

10. Karch Kiraly

And, last but certainly not least, is American player Karch Kiraly. The most recognizable name in volleyball, Kiraly won the Gold Medal at the Olympics for both the beach games and the indoor games.

Common Volleyball Injuries and Their Solutions

1. Shoulder Injuries

Players can experience severe pain due to rotator cuff tendinitis. Repetitive serving and spiking can cause fatigue and inflammation in the shoulder muscles.

Rest is important as it will take time to heal. Avoid shoulder injuries through warms-ups and stretches before games. Proper form and body mechanics can also prevent these by reducing strain. Shoulder strengthening exercises should be included in the regular routine to limit the possibility of a recurrence. Examples include lateral raises and tree huggers. Players can also make use of elastic tubing for resistance in slow and deliberate front stretches.

2. Knee Injuries

Volleyball players jump all the time for spikes, blocks, and even serves. Unfortunately, they don’t always land well. The damage can accumulate at their patella and surrounding structures. Patellar tendonitis is an overuse injury also called jumper’s knee.

It may go away with rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory drugs if treated early. Severe cases might require surgery to salvage the knee. Rehab exercises include half squats, knee flexion, and knee extensions. One way to avoid knee injuries is to lower the amount of jump training on hard surfaces. Find cushioned floors and use shoes that can reduce impact forces.

3. Ankle Sprains

Ankles can get twisted with a bad fall, a sudden collision, a directional change, or an unlucky run. Ankle sprains are notorious for their recurrence due to reduced stability.

Athletes must take their rehab seriously to lower the risk of getting the same injury in the future. Doctors might also ask volleyball players to wear a supportive ankle brace as a prevention strategy. Rehabilitation for minor cases usually entails an 8-week program with daily exercises. The worst cases involve fractures and ligament tears. This will require surgery to heal well so expect the recovery to take much longer.

4. Finger Injuries

Blockers race to stop the ball from crossing to their side of the net. The aerial battle with spikers can sometimes be brutal with fingers getting fractured or dislocated upon impact. Finger injuries can also happen due to collisions with the net, teammates, posts, and barriers. Players can injure their fingers from setting and digging as well.

This is why you will often see middle blockers with heavily taped hands as a safety precaution. Setters strengthen their hands using finger push-ups to reduce fatigue. Defenders can improve their technique while digging and receiving to reduce finger pain.

5. Lower Back Injuries

Unfortunately, it is common for volleyball players to experience chronic back pain. They often strain their ligaments and muscles during the quick movements in a game.

They could lower their risk of back injuries if they warm up properly and do regular stretches to improve flexibility. Addressing muscle imbalances will also go a long way for any type of injury. Most pain will disappear after a few days. Others feel worse after bending backwards or forwards and refuse to go away. The latter should get checked by a competent sports doctor. An MRI should be performed if a herniated disk is suspected.