61 Interesting Facts About Finland

Last updated on April 3rd, 2017 at 02:23 pm

About saunas

Fact 21. The sauna has a special place in the Finnish lifestyle. It’s the norm to have a sauna in your home and share it with both family and friends. Almost everyone takes a sauna at least once a week.

Fact 22. There are approximately 2.2 million saunas in Finland. That’s one sauna for every two and a half people. There are more saunas than there are cars in Finland, even one in a Burger King!

Fact 23. Important business meetings may be followed by a sauna, during which the business conversation is continued on a more informal basis.

About finnish food

Fact 24. Traditional breads like ruisleip (a flat, crispy sour rye bread) are part of every meal. Karelian pastry is a traditional Finnish dish made from a rye crust filled with rice.

Fact 25. Fish (salmon, whitefish and herring) and meat (pork, beef, and reindeer) are also staples. Reindeer is a particularly lean, healthy meat. Kraftskiva or crayfish season runs from July 21 to early fall.

Fact 26. Silla ja Vudet Perunat is a dish of new potatoes with herring. Potatoes are the favorite side dish at many meals.

Fact 27. A bread pastry filled with different meats or fish called Kalakukko is a popular “packed lunch”.

Fact 28. Fruit dishes with indigenous fruits like bilberries, lingon berries and cloud berries are popular.

Tractor in Finland
Looks like an old days tractor, isn’t it. As seen at a tractor enthusiasts’ meeting in Ruotsinkylä, Finland. Image by – Dave S

Interesting and Weird Facts

Fact 29. Due to its commitment to equal rights and emphasis on transparency, Finland’s press has been rated the freest one in the world. Transparency International, based in Berlin, has rated Finland since 1998 as the world’s least corrupt country.

Fact 30. Finland has been a member of the European Union since 1995 and it’s the only Nordic state to join the euro single currency at its original launch in 1999.

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Fact 31. Finland’s 120 km Päijänne Water Tunnel is the longest tunnel in Europe and the second longest tunnel in the world.

Fact 32. With a quarter of the country in the Arctic Circle, Finland’s Lapland and other northern sections are the “Land of the Midnight Sun”. The sun doesn’t set for 73 consecutive summer days annually while it doesn’t rise at all for 51 days during the winter (known as polar night).

Fact 33. The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) are seen regularly in every season but summer in Lapland and other parts of Finland. You can even spend the night in an glass igloo to enjoy watching them.

Aurora Borealis, Finland.
Interesting facts about Finland:- Aurora Borealis – the greatest natural light show on Earth. Image by – Juho Holmi

Fact 34. The telecommunications company Nokia is Finnish and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mobile phones. By the way, Mobile Phone Throwing is an official sport in Finland. And there are absolutely NO pay phones anywhere in Finland.

Fact 35. Other strange sports include mosquito hunting, swamp football, rubber boot throwing, and the Air Guitar World Championship. Contestants from around the world come to compete in the Wife Carrying World Championship. First prize is your wife’s weight in beer.

Fact 36. Finland is the uncontested world home of heavy metal. It has the most heavy metal bands per capita in the world.

Fact 37. Finland’s Rovio Entertainment is the creator of the phone app Angry Birds. Other inventions include the heart-rate monitor, rescue toboggan, Linux OS, salty liquorice (Salmiakki), ice skates and the Molotov cocktail. Sauna is the Finnish word most used outside the motherland.

Fact 38. Many claim to have invented the Internet, but Finland was the first nation to make Internet access a legal right for their citizens.

Fact 39. It’s expensive to speed in Finland. Your ticket fine is figured on your annual income. One rich driver was once fined more than $200,000 for a single speeding offense. And keep your headlights on. Day or night, winter or summer, it’s the law to do so in Finland.

Fact 40. In Finland they celebrate annual day for failure. It is a day dedicated to failures that people have gone through, and the reason to celebrate is to understand the fact that success and failure go hand in hand. There is a whole website dedicated to this, which you can visit here.