21 Interesting Facts About Cats

Last updated on August 27th, 2019

Cats are supposedly the most popular pets around the world. They are considered as top pets because of their calm and friendly nature when they live with people. Nevertheless, as much as people love them, there are many interesting facts about cats that you may not be aware of.

21 Interesting Facts About Cats

1. They keep their head level when chasing prey. Cats have an amazing way of catching their prey. They chase while keeping their head level. On the contrary, dogs bob their head up and down when chasing prey.

2. Asians eat cats. On average, there are about 4 million cats that are consumed in Asia every year. You can find cat markets, which have cats hanged on hooks, like how beef is hanged when prepared.

3. They spend most of their lives sleeping. A cat can sleep for about two-thirds of her day. It is believed that the cat will use its sleeping hours to restore the energy it used during the day. So, if a cat lives for nine years, it means that it has been asleep for six good years.

4. A pack of cats is called a Clowder. So when you see a group of cats playing or taking a nap in the neighborhood, you know how to refer to them.

5. The male cats are mostly left pawed while the female is right-pawed. This is interesting because about ninety percent of humans are right handed while the rest are mostly left-handed males.

6. An adult cat will meow to humans to communicate with them. When the cat meows, it is mostly asking for food, or it needs some attention. Nonetheless, the kitten will meow to the mother when they need to suckle or when they are threatened.

7. They yowl to fellow cats. You might have realized a different sound that is produced by a cat, which is mostly when the cat is communicating to a fellow cat. Usually, they will yowl when they need to mate, or when they are irritated.

8. A cat can make 100 sounds. Amazingly, a cat can make up to 100 different sounds. This is compared to the dog, which can only make ten sounds. If you would be able to note every single sound that a cat makes, you’d be astonished.

9. Cats are mostly born with blue eyes. Usually, all the cat breeds will be born with blue eyes. Nonetheless, the cat eyes will change as she grows. The more the cat gets old, the more the color of the eye changes.

10. The brain of a cat is 90% similar to the human brain. It has been studied that the brain of a person is almost similar to that of a cat. That is why a cat will respond emotionally almost similar as a human being would respond.

11. The smelly paws. The Cats do not have sweat glands like a human being. Rather, they have glands that are located on the paws. The paws will produce a scent, which is used to mark her territory. That is why you will notice her scratching around her territory.

12. A cat cannot climb head first from a tree. If you have noticed, a cat will come down a tree backwards. This is because the paws point in one direction, so it can only come down a tree back.

13. They are North America’s top pets. Cats are recorded as the most popular pets in North America. 73 million cats are reported to be in America, compared to only 63 million dogs in the country. On average, about 30% of the North American households own a cat.

14. Pope Innocent VIII fated cats as evil. This was during the Spanish Inquisition, and it led to the burning of thousands of cats. As results, there was a rise in the rat population.

15. They were believed to be linked with witchcraft. This was during the Middle Age period. On the St. John’s Day, the cats were put into sacks and thrown into the fire. People also tossed cats from the church towers during the holy days.

16. The whisker measurement. Each cat has a unique length of the whisker. The whiskers are not only there to make the cat look adorable. Also, the whiskers are also used by the cat to measure her body size. So if the cat were to pass through a tiny tunnel, she would use the whisker to know if the body will fit inside the tunnel.

17. The unique prints. Almost like humans, cats have a unique identification. This is found on the cat’s nose. When you look at the nose, you will notice a set of ridges and bumps that are unique. Every cat will have a different print on the nose. If the cats had a way of collecting their data, it would mean that each cat will require to record their nose print for reference purposes.

18. They were mourned uniquely in Egypt. In Ancient Egypt, when a family cat died, the family members would shave their eyebrows as a way of mourning the death of the cat. Also, they would drink wine and beat their chests to mourn the cat.

19. The cat’s dung coffee. The rarest coffee in the world is the Kopi Luwak. This coffee hails from Indonesia. A wildcat, Luwak, lives there, and when the cat eats the coffee beans, they will be digested in the stomach, and when the cat eliminates the dung, it is used as coffee beans.

20. A cat has about thirty-two muscles in the ear. That is the cat can control the ear to face different directions. A human only has six muscles. It has been calculated that the cat can rotate its ear about 180 degrees and direct it to any side.

21. Black cats are considered as bad luck in America while they are known to be linked with good luck in Asia and Europe.

And by the way, if you love cats, then you are an Ailurophilia, which comes from a Greek term.


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