55 Interesting Facts About Colorado That You Should Know

Last updated on September 13th, 2022

About Colorado Springs

44. Colorado Springs locals enjoy more than 300 sunny days. Due to its location and position which is over 6,000 feet above sea level, Colorado Springs is also one of the tallest cities in the U.S.

45. Nikola Tesla once had his experimental lab in an area that is now a memorial park. The exact spot is not established but it is alleged to have once been located between the Union Printers Home and the Colorado School for the Deaf. A marker now stands where the Tesla Experimental Station is believed to have been built.

46. The name for the Garden of the Gods landmark was inspired by beer. In 1859, surveyors Melancthon Sayre Beach and Rufus Cable were awestruck by the impressive red rocks in the area. Beach commented that the area would make a great beer garden, to which Cable replied that they should call the spot “Garden of the Gods.”

47. Colorado Springs has several mineral springs that were touted for their healing and refreshing properties.

In the 1890s, Manitou’s mineral springs attracted patients diagnosed with tuberculosis. The springs did not actually cure the disease but it helped relieve stress among patients, gave them much-needed rest, and helped them recover more quickly.

About Aurora, Colorado

48. Aurora used to be Fletcher. In the 1880s, a businessman named Donald Fletcher from Denver brought in partners to build and promote the town as a real estate opportunity. However, the prices of silver crashed in 1893, sending Fletcher running for cover and leaving the town with serious debt. The community decided to change the name to Aurora.

49. Norma O. Walker became the mayor of Aurora in 1965. She became the first female mayor of a city in the U.S. that had over 60,000 residents. She was also the only female mayor of the city until 2016. Walker served as the city’s head for two years.

50. The eighth World Youth Day was held in Cherry Creek State Park. It was the first WYD event held in an English-speaking country in North America. The event was attended and presided by the late Pope John Paul II himself. It is estimated that the event was attended by at least 500,000 young people who flocked to Aurora for the five-day event.

About Boulder, Colorado

51. The city earned the title Happiest City in the U.S. This recognition comes courtesy of the Today Show and National Geographic. It is also one of the communities in the U.S. that was voted as having high well-being among the locals.

52. Boulder is home to the Flatirons rock formation. There are five of these rock formations resembling flat irons and the third one, which is about 1,400 feet tall, has gained prominence as the part that gets climbed in the most creative ways. People have gone up this portion on roller skates, some have climbed without utilizing their hands, and others have scaled it without clothes on.

53. Boulder residents love cycling so much that there are times when bike paths are plowed first before the streets are.

About Centennial, Colorado

54. Centennial is a relatively young city. It was legally established on February 7, 2001, through the efforts of several locals who established the Arapahoe Citizens for Self-Determination with the goal of incorporating Centennial.

55. IKEA is a landmark. All cities have landmarks specific to them. Some may have structures or buildings while others may have famous natural spots. In Centennial, the Swedish furniture giant IKEA has staked its claim. The yellow-and-blue IKEA sign stands tall, dominating the area just off Interstate 25. The 92-foot tall sign is a beacon to all who pass by, particularly those looking for sturdy, economical home furnishings (and probably great Swedish meatballs).

Colorado Food Facts

1. Colorado State does not have official state food. However, it happens to have trout as the only edible state symbol. Or even better, it has lamb and beef as one of the primary commodities. It is ideal when making something simple and classy.

2. The first shredded wheat got manufactured in Colorado. Henry Perky was the pioneer of the machine that manufactured shredded wheat. Onward, such products have spread all over the nation of the US. The first factory to produce such a product was in Denver.

Farmer's market fresh Palisade peaches
Farmer’s market fresh Palisade peaches. Image credit – Colorado State University Extension

3. The most famous food in Colorado is Palisade peaches. The first settler planted the peach tree in 1982. Since then, the state exports such food products within the US and beyond the borders. 

4. Rocky Mountain Oysters is another delicacy from Colorado. It is an animal product that you can serve with spicy cocktail sauce or pickles. The food is nutritious, with a high level of protein and vitamin content.

Colorado Lamb
Colorado Lamb. Image credit – djjewelz

5. Colorado lamb is another famous delicacy that you will find in everyday cuisine. The meal is good in texture, rich in flavor, and does not contain artificial hormones. 

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