50 Interesting Facts About US State Birds

Last updated on July 21st, 2023

31. Mississippi — Northern Mockingbird

The bird can imitate other birds, manufactured machines, and even frogs and toads.

Northern Mockingbird with red berry in beak.
The Northern Mockingbird with red berry in beak. Image via shutterstock/Danita Delimont

32. Pennsylvania — Ruffed Grouse

This bird species puff their feathers or beat their wings to make a drum-like sound to woo the females.

Ruffed grouse female
The Ruffed grouse female walking around in the winter snow. Interesting Facts About US State Birds. Image via shutterstock/Jim Cumming

33. Louisiana — Brown Pelican

Since they feed on fish, the birds nest in colonies along the Gulf Coast or the Pacific Coast.

Pelicans. US state bird facts. Facts About 50 US State Birds
Pelicans beaks can hold more than their bellies can. Image via shutterstock/Susan E Sawyer

34. Tennessee — Northern Mockingbird

The birds are known for making unique sounds, but you might not know that they serenade (entertain) their potential partners.

Male and Female Northern Cardinals
Male and Female Northern Cardinals. Image via shutterstock/Bonnie Taylor Barry

35. Ohio — Northern Cardinal

When it comes to relationships, the bird sticks to one partner for life. But at times, they can ‘break up,’ and the bird will seek a suitable mate.

Northern Cardinal. facts about US state birds. Facts About 50 US State Birds
The Northern Cardinal coming in for a landing. Image via shutterstock/Rob Palmer Photography

36. Kentucky — Northern Cardinal

The bird is honored by several states, but it is also a popular mascot to several professional sports teams.

37. Virginia — Northern Cardinal

The male species can go bald as part of their molting cycle. However, they recover their plumage within a short duration.

38. Indiana — Northern Cardinal

It is a popular bird species not only as a state symbol but also among other birds. Northern cardinals are known to be social among other birds.

39. Maine — Black-Capped Chickadee

These birds have a complex call that mimics the traits of it being a language.

A perched chickadee. Maine state bird
A perched chickadee in the Maine woods. Interesting Facts About US State Birds. Image via shutterstock/Jeremy Gray

40. South Carolina — Carolina Wren

This bird is hard to spot since it lives in highly vegetative areas. But it has a distinctive sound that you can easily notice.

Trio of Carolina Wrens. Facts About 50 US State Birds
Trio of Carolina Wrens. Image via shutterstock/Bonnie Taylor Barry

41. West Virginia — Northern Cardinal

These birds are crimson mainly due to the food they ingest: seeds and berries. The seeds and berries give the birds carotenoids.

42. Maryland — Baltimore Oriole

The bird has black and orange colors, which also make an appearance on the flag of Maryland.

Baltimore Oriole, facts about US state birds
Baltimore Oriole is common in open deciduous woodlands or among scattered tall trees. Interesting Facts About US State Birds Image via shutterstock/Michael G McKinne

43. Vermont — Hermit Thrush

The bird is short and stout, but when it sings, it produces a melancholy song that reverberates through the forest trees in the morning and evening.

Cute Hermit Thrush bird. Facts About 50 US State Birds
The Hermit Thrush bird close up portrait in spring. Image via shutterstock/Photo Spirit

44. New Hampshire — Purple Finch

They are small and round, but they possess a strong beak that they use to break seeds.

Male Purple Finch perched on a feeder. US state birds list
The male Purple Finch perched on a feeder with a green background. Interesting Facts About 50 State Birds. Image via shutterstock/Steve Byland

45. Massachusetts — Black-Capped Chickadee

The role of the females is to build the nest. The male feeds their partners when they are building and during brooding.

Black-Capped Chickadee
Black-Capped Chickadee bird on a branch, with food in it s mouth for the babies. Photo © Bebcmj | Dreamstime.com

46. New Jersey — American Goldfinch

These birds have bright yellow feathers that they shed twice a year.

American goldfinch
The American goldfinch. Image via shutterstock/Gringoann

47. Hawaii — Nene

The birds are considered to be the guardians of the land.

The Nene, or Hawaiin Goose. Facts About 50 US State Birds
The Nene, or Hawaiin Goose, is an endemic species found only on the islands of Hawaii. This individual has a band on its leg that scientists use to identify and track it, to help protect the species. Interesting Facts About US State Birds. Image via shutterstock/Michael Benard

48. Connecticut — American Robin

The birds roost together in the trees, and some roosts can have as many as 200,000 American Robins.

Baby American Robin. facts about Us state birds. Connecticut state bird
Baby American Robin being fed by parent. Image via shutterstock/Katssoup

49. Delaware — Blue Hen Chicken

The bird is not a chicken breed and does not belong to the chicken family.

Delaware big blue hen. Facts About 50 US State Birds
Delaware big blue hen. Interesting Facts About 50 US State Birds. Image via shutterstock/lunamarina

50. Rhode Island — Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red hen species adapt in various environments.

Rhode Island Red Chicken
The Rhode island red hybrid chicken in the back garden. Image via shutterstock/smikeymikey1