40 Incredible Facts About Rhode Island

Last updated on April 10th, 2020

31. Did you know that Rhode Island’s GDP is about the same as the GDP of Slovenia?[21]

32. Rhode Island’s state motto is “Hope” and that is shorter than the state motto of any other state.

33. Coffee milk is the official state drink of Rhode Island.

Colorful glazed delicious doughnuts in the box.
Colorful glazed delicious doughnuts in the box.

34. According to some research, there are more doughnuts shops per capita in the Providence metro area than anywhere else.[22]

35. America’s first Jazz festival was held in New Port in 1954.

36. Rhode Island was the last of 13 original colonies to join the Union.[6]

37. Founded in 1922, WJAR was the state’s first radio station.

38. With twelve colleges and universities, higher education is one of the state’s major industries.

39. The Scituate Reservoir which is also the source of drinking water for Providence and many other communities is the largest artificial lake in New England.[26]

40. In 1800s, Rhode Island became America’s first industrialized state. It built steam engines, textiles and jewelry to name a few. Today, tourism, health care, and education are among the leading industries.[26]

Rhode Island – Quick facts and state symbols

State AbbreviationRI
State CapitalProvidence
Largest CityProvidence
State SizeTotal (Land + Water): 1,545 sq miles; Land Only: 1,045 sq miles
(Estimate July 1, 2017 from United States Census Bureau)
StatehoodMay 29, 1790
State rank by population44th
State rank by date of formation13th
State rank by area50th
Number of Counties5
DemonymRhode Islander
Bordering StatesConnecticut, Massachusetts, New York (water border)
Official LanguageNone
Highest PointJerimoth Hill
812 ft (247 m)
Lowest pointAtlantic Ocean
Sea level
Length48 miles (77 km)
Width37 miles (60 km)
GovernorGina Raimondo (D)
Electoral Votes4
State MottoHope
State NicknameThe Ocean State
% Water13.9%
Famous peopleGabby Hartnett (Baseball player)
Mena Suvari
State Marine MammalHarbor Seal
State Flag

Flag of Rhode Island

State seal

Seal of Rhode Island.svg

State coat of arms

Coat of arms of Rhode Island.svg

State quarter

2001 RI Proof.png

State BirdRhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red.jpg

State Flag ShipTall Ship Providence

Sloop Providence
State FruitRhode Island Greening

Rhode Island Greening Apple.jpg

State FishStriped Bass

Striped bass FWS 1.jpg

State FlowerViolet

State InsectBurying Beetle

American Burying Beetle
State MineralBowenite

State RockCumberlandite

Cumberlandite (porphyritic titaniferous magnetite melatroctolite) (ferrogabbro) (Neoproterozoic to Late Devonian, ~620 to ~370 Ma; Iron Mine Hill, east of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA)
State ShellQuahaug

LittleNeck clams USDA96c1862.jpg

State TreeRed Maple

Red maple.png

Longitude71° 07' W to 71° 53' W
Latitude41° 09' N to 42° 01' N
Time ZoneEastern Time Zone
Area Codes401
Table last updatedJune 8, 2020