List Of Presidents Of The United States

Last updated on November 17th, 2021

31. Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Although American presidents can only serve eight years as mandated by the Constitution, Franklin Delano Roosevelt held office for 12 years, thanks to the threat emanating from Nazi Germany. He suffered from polio but hid his disability during his presidency.

32. Harry S. Truman

Harry S Truman was a war hero. The “S” in his name is not a middle initial. It was added by his parents because they could not come up with a middle name for their son. They chose the letter S as a nod to relatives with names that started with the letter.

33. David Dwight Eisenhower

Although he was a military man, David Dwight Eisenhower never saw combat. He loved golf but hated squirrels who ruined the putting green by digging the White House grounds. He even ordered the Secret Service to shoot the animals, which they didn’t.

34. John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was awarded the Purple Heart for serving during WWII – the only president to receive the honor. Because his family was extremely wealthy, Kennedy donated his entire salary to charity.

35. Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson could have been killed during WWII. After boarding a plane, he exited to find a restroom. Coming back to the tarmac, he boarded another plane. The plane he boarded initially was destroyed during a battle.


36. Richard M. Nixon

Richard M. Nixon was an actor for an amateur theater production. He met his wife when they both auditioned for roles in a play. He was an avid bowler and could play several musical instruments.

37. Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr.

Gerald Ford could have been an NFL player. He played for the University of Michigan, winning three national championships. He was voted MVP by his team. He was also a male model, once appearing on the cover of Cosmopolitan.

38. James Earl Carter

As a child, James Earl Carter, Jr. stole a penny from the church collection plate and shot his sister Gloria’s butt using a BB gun after a fight. He also did not make class valedictorian because he went to see a movie.

39. Ronald Wilson Reagan

Ronald Wilson Reagan was a legitimate movie star who was a fussy eater but loved jelly beans. He turned to jelly beans to stop pipe-smoking. His last film was ‘The Killers’, an adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s short story. It was his first and only villain role.

40. George Herbert Walker Bush

Instead of pursuing an education at Yale, an 18-year-old George Herbert Walker Bush joined the Air Force. He flew 58 missions, was shot down in 1944, and received a Distinguished Flying Cross medal.


41. William Jefferson Clinton

A 16-year-old William Jefferson Clinton muscled his way through a crowd so he could shake the hand of then-president John Kennedy, just a few months before his assassination. He has won two Grammys.

42. George Walker Bush

George W. Bush was 55 years old on his inauguration. His is the only First Family in U.S. history to have a set of twins – Jenna and Barbara. He also holds the record for the highest and lowest approval ratings of an American president in history.

43. Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama used to scoop ice cream at a Baskin and Robbins shop. According to him, he had so much ice cream that he pretty much avoids it now. His name is Swahili for “one who is blessed”.

44. Donald John Trump

Donald John Trump’s last name was originally Drumpft or Drumpf until it was changed in the 1600s. One of the most controversial presidents to hold office, Trump is known for his no-holds-barred rhetoric. He is a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fan and was able to avoid the military draft by obtaining student deferments four times.

45. Joseph Robinette Biden

Joseph Robinette Biden stuttered as a child but later overcame it. He actually ran for presidency three times. He loves ice cream and would meet former president Obama for lunch every week.