29 Interesting Facts About Albania

Last updated on September 8th, 2017

Albania, officially known as the Republic of Albania, is a country and parliamentary republic in Southeastern Europe. With these 29 interesting facts about Albania, let’s learn more about its history, geography, people, culture, economy, and traditions. 

#1. More Albanians live outside of Albania than within. Countries like Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the United States all have Albanian citizens.

#2. Do you know how many Albanians live outside of their home country? The answer is approximately 7-10 million.

#3. Transportation in the country is underdeveloped. There are only four airports in the country, and just 677 km of railways. There exists a total of 18,000 km of roadways, out of which only 7000 km are paved. Buses are abundant, but their schedules are not fixed. You cannot rely on buses to move on time unless there are sufficient passengers available for the trip.

#4. People from the country hang stuffed animals and objects from half-completed homes and buildings to ward off evil spirits.

#5. 480,000 ethnic Albanian refugees entered into Albania in 1999 because of the war in neighboring Kosovo. This influx strained the country’s resources.

Albania with neigbouring countries
Interesting facts about Albania: Albania with neighboring countries

#6. Albania provides free primary and secondary education.

#7. Albania is an upper middle-income economy. The service sector dominates the country’s economy, followed by the industrial and agricultural sectors.

#8. “Shqipëri” is the name given to Albania by its people.

#9. The eagle is the national and ethnic symbol of the Albanians. The symbol appears in a stone carving dating from 1190.

#10. The current flag of Albania bears a black, double-headed eagle on a red background.

#11. The villages of Xarrë and Mount Dajt were found to contain the first traces of human presence in the country.

#12. Ardiaei is the name of one of the most powerful tribes that once ruled over modern Albania.

#13. The village of Lazarat is the “cannabis capital of Albania.” The village makes the country the largest exporter of cannabis in Europe.