71 Interesting Facts About Walt Disney World Resort

Last updated on December 29th, 2022

41. The Animal Kingdom at Disney World boasts one of North America’s top zoo hospitals. This hospital opened in 1998 and specializes in digital radiology, advanced imaging, endoscopy and ultrasound.

42. Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom might seem less advanced than more recent attractions at Disney World. However, it was the only computer controlled thrill ride when it first opened. This allowed several cars to use the track without crashing.

43. One of America’s most powerful and tallest fountains can be found at EPCOT. The Innovention Fountain sprays water to an amazing height of 150 ft.

44. All of Disney World’s main pools are fairly big, however the Big Blue Pool at the Art of Animation Resort is the largest. This pool, with its Finding Nemo theme, holds more than 308,000 gallons of water.

Rivers of Light 9, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World
Rivers of Light 9, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA. Image credit – Cory Doctorow

45. The Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World has a restaurant called ‘Jiko – The Cooking Place’, which boasts the biggest South African wine collection in America. Fittingly, the wine menu at this restaurant offers a selection of 120+ wines from South Africa.

46. The BoardWalk Inn and Villas at Disney World feature several artifacts dating back to the turn of the century. These include a mini carousel built by renown craftsman M.C. Illions in the 1920’s. This is not big enough to ride, but ideal for taking a photo with.

47. Due to its swamp location, alligators have been known to frequent Disney World. People have spotted these creatures swimming around various attractions and Splash Mountain.

48. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, over 200 pairs of sunglasses were brought in to Disney World’s Lost and Found department on a daily basis. As well as sunglasses, the Cast Members who work in this department collected over 3500 digital cameras, 6000 mobile phones, 7500 autograph books and 18,000 hats each year.

49. Every hotel at Disney World’s resort uses modern ‘conservation’ lights — which equates to over 700,000 LED lights. These bulbs only use ten percent of the energy of conventional incandescent bulbs. If you strung them out from end to end, they would stretch for ninety-six miles.

50. The Skyliner gondola transportation system at Disney World is a free service. There is no charge to use the Skyliner, and guests can board and get off the gondolas as often as they want.

51. The Magic Kingdom has American flags displayed in some areas, however all flags are missing a stripe or a star. This is because, if real flags were used, they would be subject to the national flag code’s stringent rules. This would involve having to fly them at half mast.

52. The smartly dressed mice at Disney World are attired appropriately for different occasions. Mickey Mouse has over 130 sets of garbs, which range from a dinner jacket to a scuba diving suit. The wardrobe for Minnie Mouse features over 100 outfits. This includes everything from evening gowns to a cheerleader uniform.

53. Disney World parks do not sell chewing gum, to prevent this tacky substance from being stuck to rides and sidewalks. Therefore, if you chew gum, you will have to take your own.

54. Before the coronavirus pandemic, over 1.5 million turkey legs were eaten at the Disney World parks each year. Such is the popularity of this food, you can purchase turkey leg teeshirts, hats and other mementos.

55. Disney World parks are a haven for coca cola lovers, with fifty million colas drunk every year before coronavirus arrived. Pepsi is never sold.

56. Cinderella Castle’s beautiful stone appearance is not what it appears to be. In fact, the castle is built from cement, concrete, steel, fiberglass and plaster to withstand severe weather.

Expedition Everest
Expedition Everest. Legend of the Forbidden Mountain at Animal Kingdom in the Walt Disney World Resort. Image credit – Jennifer Lynn

57. With a $100 million price tag, Expedition Everest is the world’s most costly rollercoaster. Along with the Terror Tower in the Hollywood Studios, it is Disney World’s tallest structure.

58. Disney World has about 300 restaurants in total. Disney runs the Victoria and Albert’s restaurant, which is one of the best in America. It has beaten the likes of the Peter Luger Steak House and Spago, etc, to win fine dining awards.

59. There are many Disney World Cast Members who work in the resort throughout the night, to make it spic and span for the next day. They give the streets a clean, carry out minor repairs, paint, rectify safety issues, display new products in stores, perform building work, and restock restaurant locations – all while guests are sound asleep in their hotel rooms.

60. Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom has a Swiss Family Treehouse that is sixty ft tall. This concrete structure weighs roughly 200 tons. It has thousands of leaves made from polyethylene.

61. One notable feature of Liberty Square is The Liberty Oak. With its harvested acorns, this has spawned hundreds of oak trees.

62. The Disney World transport system has a fleet of almost 300 buses in operation, making it Florida’s third biggest bus system.

63. Disney World has thousands of Mickey Mouse heads hidden within it. Watch out for small mouse ears in decorative elements, such as wallpaper and picture frames — and in seemingly random details – like the arrangement of horseshoe piles, cobblestone paths, pavement cracks and machinery.

64. The Be Our Guest Restaurant is the only place you can buy alcohol in the Magic Kingdom. Cocktails, wine, spirits and beer are sold in all the other parks.

65. Roy Disney bought the park’s first ever ticket for $1 on July 18, 1955. On September 8, less than a couple of months later, the park had sold one million tickets.

66. Spanning 185 acres, the World Showcase Lagoon at EPCOT covers more ground than Disneyland in California. This lagoon has a walkway of 1.2 miles. In the Animal Kingdom, the Expedition Everest’s mountain structure uses 1800 tons of steel. That is roughly six times the quantity of steel used for conventional office buildings of the same size.

67. In the Magic Kingdom, a pneumatic AVAC tube system from Sweden is used to suck rubbish from different areas of the theme park. This is transported to a central hub just past the Splash Mountain at Fronteirland.

68. The Blizzard Beach adrenaline fueled Summit Plummet ride is 120 ft high. It ranks among the world’s quickest free fall water slides, with speeds of fifty-five mph.

69. All Disney World resorts participate in Florida’s Green Lodging scheme. The Boardwalk Resort first became a member of this scheme in 2004. The scheme is intended to reward Florida resorts that observe eco friendly processes and activities, etc. Every Disney World resort has subsequently joined this scheme and kept its place on it since 2008.

70. Over four million plants, trees, vines, shrubs, grasses, ground coverings and epiphytes from each continent on the planet – excluding Antarctica – were planted in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

71. Many little girls dream of becoming a Disney princess. However, Cast Members who do this for a living in the Magic Kingdom have to be put through their paces. Along with thorough training, princesses are required to spend a number of weeks playing furry, non face characters.