62 Interesting Facts About Maine

Last updated on June 21st, 2022


Polar Bear Dip
Polar Bear Dip. Photo © Carboucher

58. New Year Polar Plunge

A few bold swimmers start the New Year in the cold waters of Maine beaches. In Portland, they call it the Polar Bear Dip. In Old Orchard Beach, it’s the Lobster Dip. In Kennebunk, they have the Freezin’ for a Reason – charity projects all over the state.

59. Fryeburg Fair

In 1851, a few visionary farmers and merchants started the Fryeburg Fair to show off their products to the community. The small event continued to grow through the years until it became one of Maine’s biggest fairs, drawing visitors across the region.

60. Bar Harbor Music

Maine appreciates good music across all genres. At the Bar Harbor Music Festival, there is something for everyone as concertgoers can enjoy jazz bands, string orchestras, brass ensembles, operas, and a lot more. That’s quite a treat if you love live music.

61. Trek Across Maine

It’s a fun charity cycling event that attracts entire families. The full 180-mile route starts at the Sunday River and ends at the town of Belfast. If that’s too long, then cycle the 97-mile route instead. The scenic route will make you fall in love with the state.

62. North American Wife Carrying Championship

Couples flock to Bethel’s Sunday River to compete in a unique race. Men must run with their wife on their back across a muddy route. The winning pair is rewarded with the woman’s weight in beer and 5x her weight in prize money.

Places of interest

Sugarloaf slopes. Maine fact file
Sugarloaf slopes. Photo © Alanasfinephoto

Sugarloaf Ski Resort

Maine’s Sugarloaf Mountain is a ski paradise in Carrabassett Valley. It has a 4,237-foot peak that is visible from the nearby Appalachian Trail. The resort has 14 lifts that can accommodate 21,810 skiers per hour and provide runs of up to 3.5 miles.

Old Orchard Beach’s Palace Playland

This amusement park has been around since 1902, offering 28 exciting rides within the 5-acre property. It is famous for retaining its classic atmosphere, having the largest arcade in the state, and lighting up the fireworks every summer.


The town of Aroostook in Houlton is a testament to the state’s colorful past. You can see well-preserved Victorian homes and the National Historic District called Market Square. It’s home to Temple Theater, Maine’s oldest cinema.

L.L. Bean retail store at Freeport, Maine, USA. For fact file of Maine
L.L. Bean retail store at Freeport, Maine, USA. Photo © Chicco7


Walk around downtown Freeport and you might see a giant 16-foot boot casually displayed outside a building. It’s the famous L.L. Bean flagship store, located in a bustling shopping district that also features charming artisan shops and restaurants.

10 largest cities in Maine


It was the first state capital of Maine and serves as the closest transatlantic port to Europe. Portland is also the 20th largest fishing port in the United States. 


It is the second-largest city in Maine and was named one of the top 25 places to retire in 2017 by Forbes magazine.

twin hot air balloons. Maine facts
Taken at the Lewiston/Auburn balloon festival. Image credit – Sam T


Popularly known as Maine’s “Queen City,” the city of Bangor was established in the mid-1800s by European-Americans. Today, retail, education, healthcare, and services are the main drivers of prosperity in the Bangor economy.

South Portland

It broke off from Cape Elizabeth in 1895 and is widely known as the region’s center for industry and retail. The city’s economy is driven by its proximity to transportation options including marine, air, rail, and highways.


Located in south-central Maine, Auburn was first settled in 1786 at which time it was a part of Bakerstown. Today, the city is also one-half of the Lewiston-Auburn Twin Cities.

Biddeford Riverwalk. for facts about Maine
Biddeford Riverwalk. Image credit – Corey Templeton


A city in York County Maine, Biddeford is home to the annual La Kermesse Franco-Americaine Festival and The University of New England. It is also one of America’s earliest European settlements – first visited in 1616.


The seventh-largest city in Maine, Sanford is located on the Mousam River and features many wooded areas and lakes. It is also a part of the Maine metropolitan area.

Steep Falls near Standish, ME.
Steep Falls near Standish, ME. The Saco River begins with its headwaters in the White Mountains of New Hampshire at Crawford Notch in the Presidential Range and ends at Saco Bay in the Atlantic Ocean. Facts about Maine. Image credit – Dirtman’s Images


It was originally settled by the Sokoki tribe of Abenaki Indians. It got its name in 1653 from an Algonquian term that means “river mouth.” Saco is also a popular tourist attraction in Maine thanks to the amusement parks and recreational spots.


The city of Westbrook got its current name from Colonel Thomas Westbrook. Originally, the city was named after Saccarappa Falls. Westbrook is also home to the Rock Row activity hub where residents and visitors alike can enjoy everything from an intimate date night to a rock concert.


Not to be confused with Augusta, Georgia, Augusta is the current state capital of Maine. At its current population of approximately 19,000, Augusta Maine is one of the least populated state capitals in the United States. In fact, Pierre, South Dakota and Montpellier, Vermont are the only two state capitals with smaller populations than Augusta.

About Maine flag

Flag of Maine
Flag of Maine. Image in Public Domain


The current Maine state flag was adopted in February 1909 by the state legislature; it features Maine’s coat of arms on a blue background. Maine is among 26 American states that use a blue flag with a state seal.

Before 1909, there was the 1901 Maine flag that featured a green pine tree and a blue North Star. The pine tree was a common symbol in New England and it represented freedom.

A 2001 survey ranks Maine’s flag as one of the worst in America. In 2019, a bill was introduced by Maine lawmakers suggesting the adoption of a simpler flag based on the 1901 flag. A Maine resident also presented a design for a new flag. Measures to change the flag have failed.

Who Designed It

The state seal was created by Bertha Smouse. The original Maine state flag is the creation of General John T. Richards. He suggested a simple flag with a blue star in the canton and a pine tree in the center. The congress of Maine played a central role in designing the 1909 flag.

How & When It Came Into Being

To know about Maine flag, it is vital to understand how it came into being. The story of Maine’s flag starts in 1901 when the legislature published an official pattern of the flag featuring a green pine tree. A law was passed in 1909 that enacted a state flag; the law describes the size, colors, and other elements of the flag.

What Does the Flag Represent

The flag features a seaman and a farmer which represents Maine’s traditional reliance on agriculture. The blue color symbolizes justice, truth, vigilance, and loyalty. The pine tree represents Maine’s timber industry.

Why is The Flag Blue

War veterans in the legislature wanted a flag that resembled the battle flags of prior wars. They wanted the color blue because the uniform of the Union soldiers was blue while that of Confederacy soldiers was grey.

About Life in Maine

Aerial view of Boothbay Harbor on Maine coastline
Aerial view of Boothbay Harbor on Maine coastline. Photo © Joe Sohm

Maine is known for its jagged, rocky Atlantic Ocean coastlines, its mountains, forests and picturesque waterways. It is celebrated for its wild blueberries and excellent seafood (especially lobster and clams). Today, the coastal and ‘down east’ parts of the state (especially Portland), have become recognized as vital region for the creative economy although it also suffers from a high incidence of poverty, especially in its rural areas.

The culture of Maine inheres in the attributes of people struggling with the frontier who live in a diverse and eclectic society that has contact with a range of other cultures. The songs, folktales, stories and humor of its people are earthy and direct that usually highlight the absurdity of people’s awkward and humorous attempts (and failure) to conquer nature.

The state has a well-known connection with the sea (as well as a reputation for fine seafood) and has a rich history of voyages that its inhabitants made to Europe and Asia. It has a rich history of shipbuilding as well as examples of its sailors’ art of wood carving and scrimshaw. Today Maine also leads a revival in local crafts such as pottery, weaving, carving and metal work.

Maine has a rich tradition for serving as the birthplace, or permanent/seasonal home, for many famous American artists including writers such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Stephen King and painters including Andrew Wyeth and Winslow Homer. Maine’s heritage in art is also reflected in the state’s finest museum, the Portland Museum of Art, and its support for many cultural and arts programs throughout its communities.

Maine is celebrated by its inhabitants as one of the quietest, most serene and peaceful states to live in. It has a population of only 1.3 million people and an estimated 24 billion trees making it an ideal location for people that want to escape city living. With over 90% of its area covered by forest it also features over 3500 miles of rugged Atlantic coastline making it a nature lovers paradise.

Maine – Quick facts and state symbols

State AbbreviationME
State CapitalAugusta
Largest CityPortland
State SizeTotal (Land + Water): 35,385 sq miles; Land Only: 30,862 sq miles
(Estimate July 1, 2023 from United States Census Bureau)
StatehoodMarch 15, 1820
State rank by population42nd
State rank by date of formation23rd
State rank by area39th
Number of Counties16
Bordering StatesNew Hampshire
Official LanguageNone
Highest PointMount Katahdin
5,270 ft (1606.4 m)
Lowest pointAtlantic Ocean
Sea level
Length 320 miles (515 km)
Width210 miles (338 km)
GovernorJanet Mills (D)
Electoral Votes4
State MottoDirigo (I lead)
State NicknamePine Tree State
% Water13.5
Famous peopleAnna Kendrick
Patrick Dempsey
State Flag

Flag of Maine

State seal

Seal of Maine.svg

State coat of arms

Coat of arms of Maine.svg

State AnimalMoose

Moose superior.jpg

State BerryBlueberry


State BirdChickadee


State CatCoon Cat

Maine Coon cat by Tomitheos.JPG

State DogChinook

Mountan Laurel Ajax the Chinook dog.jpg

State FishLandlocked salmon

Salmo salar.jpg

State Floral EmblemWhite Pine Cone and Tassel

Pollen (male) cones and candle on white pine, Woodbury MN
State FossilPertica quadrifaria

Pertica quadrifaria reconstruccion.jpg

State GemTourmaline


State InsectHoney bee

Apis mellifera flying.jpg

State CrustaceanLobster

American lobster, Homarus americanus in Newfoundland, Canada
State TreeEastern white pine

Pinus strobus trees.jpg

State HerbWintergreen


State VesselBowdoin

Bowdoin SableIsland.jpg

Longitude66° 57′ W to 71° 5′ W
Latitude42° 58′ N to 47° 28′ N
Time ZoneEastern Time Zone
Area Codes207
Table last updatedDecember 21, 2023