85 Interesting Facts About Colombia

Last updated on September 20th, 2017

Colombia, which is located at the northern tip of South America, is a country of lush rainforests, towering mountains and coffee plantations. There is so much to this country. Let’s explore it!

85 Interesting facts about Colombia

#1. The theme of most children’s games, El Dorado, is actually a mythical city in ancient Colombia. Legend has it that a king used to spray himself with gold powder and then jump off from a golden boat into a lake in order to appease an undersea god.

#2. Colombia loves anything and everything that has something to do with Futbol (soccer). Without Futbol, its iconic yellow jerseys, its heartthrob, James Rodriguez, or without its unique goal dance, Colombian people couldn’t get a peaceful night’s sleep.

#3. The caffeine-drenched country loves to dance. The golden rule of Colombia: If you hear music, start moving.

#4. The music is also thumping and pumping in Colombia. World-famous pop singer Shakira hails from good old Colombia.

#5. Colombia is named after the legendary Italian explorer, navigator, and colonizer – Christopher Columbus.

#6. Colombia shares land borders with 5 countries: BrazilEcuadorPanamaPeru, and Venezuela.

Colombia Map
Interesting facts about Colombia: Colombia Map

China has the most neighbors – 16 (North Korea, Russia, Mongolia, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Macau and Hong Kong).

#7. Starbucks opened its 1000th store in Latin America, and the first in the city of Medellín, Colombia. However, the company’s first store was inaugurated in Colombia in the capital city of Bogotá in 2014.

#8. Colombia is one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world namely: Australia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, United States and Venezuela.

#9. It is mandatory for radio and public television in Colombia to play the national anthem every day at 6 am and 6 pm.

#10. Almost 60% of the Amazon rainforest lies in Brazil, 13% lies in Peru, and 10% lies in Colombia.

#11. Cano Cristales – the “River of Five Colors” or the “Liquid Rainbow”, is a river in Colombia located in the Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta. This river’s bed changes color between yellow, green, blue, black, and especially red, beginning the end of July and through November.

Caño Cristales, Colombia.
Caño Cristales, Colombia. The river that changes color. Image credit – Fotur.org

#12. Coffee is not native to Colombia. Although they shipped 840,000 tonnes of it to other countries in 2015.

#13. With the second largest Spanish-speaking population, Colombia is also nicknamed “gateway to South America”.

#14. Archeologists estimate that humans settled in Colombia some 20,000 years ago.

#15. Age is an important factor in Colombia. The older you grow, the more powerful your voice becomes. Elders are deeply respected and revered in this tropical nation.

#16. Not lazy, but fun loving: Colombia, with 18 national holidays, came second in the “countries with the most national holidays” list. In case you are wondering who could top that, it’s India (21).

#17. Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is a mecca for street artists. The government not only tolerates graffiti but also encourages and sponsors street art.

Bogota, Colombia
Interesting facts about Colombia, Bogota (Capital City). Not so many skyscrapers. Image credit – Diego F.

#18. Colombia hosts the world’s largest theater festival, the Iberoamericana.

#19. Colombia is a place of fun, frolic, and festivity. It loves its holidays, organizing salsa parades, flower parades, carnivals and more.

#20. One out of every five butterfly species is found in Colombia.

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