43 Interesting Facts About Colombia

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Colombia, which is located at the northern tip of South America, is a country of lush rainforests, towering mountains and coffee plantations. There is so much to this country. Let’s explore it!

43 Interesting facts about Colombia

#1. The theme of most children’s games, El Dorado, is actually a mythical city in ancient Colombia. Legend has it that a king used to spray himself with gold powder and then jump off from a golden boat into a lake in order to appease an undersea god.

#2. The nation loves anything and everything that has something to do with Futbol (soccer). Without Futbol, its iconic yellow jerseys, its heartthrob, James Rodriguez, or without its unique goal dance, Colombian people couldn’t get a peaceful night’s sleep.

#3. The caffeine-drenched country loves to dance. The golden rule of Colombia: If you hear music, start moving.

#4. The music is also thumping and pumping in Colombia. World-famous pop singer Shakira hails from good old Colombia.

#5. Age is an important factor in Colombia. The older you grow, the more powerful your voice becomes. Elders are deeply respected and revered in this tropical nation.

#6. Not lazy, but fun loving: Colombia, with 18 national holidays, came second in the “countries with the most national holidays” list. In case you are wondering who could top that, it’s India.

#7. Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is a mecca for street artists. The government not only tolerates graffiti, but also encourages and sponsors street art.

Bogota, Colombia
Interesting facts about Colombia, Bogota (Capital City). Not so many skyscrapers. Image credit – Diego F.

#8. Colombia hosts the world’s largest theater festival, the Iberoamericana.

#9. Colombia is a place of fun, frolic and festivity. It loves its holidays, organizing salsa parades, flower parades, carnivals and more.

#10. One out of every five butterfly species is found in Colombia.

Colombia Fun Facts

#11. The most popular choice for breakfast in Colombia is Changua. It’s simply a milk soup with an undercooked egg (Yes, it’s milk soup; you read it right.)

#12. Drinking coffee in Colombia is a cheesy affair. Here, for an unknown, weird reason, people put blocks of salty cheese into their coffee.

#13. Coffee is gulped down like water. While Colombian kids are given a nice coffee milkshake, they grow up to go pure black….of course with a dash of salty cheese. Never forget to put cheese in your coffee.

#14. Oatmeal is not a breakfast cereal, but a juicing material. Yes, Colombians love to drink down the Avena, which is literally oatmeal juice.

#15. If a Colombian woman says she is absent for health issues, it’s very likely she is off for a cosmetic surgery. Colombian women are very edgy about their curves.

#16. Porn is not an illicit, shady industry, but a celebration of life and almost an art in Colombia. The Statue of Liberty should be shifted to Colombia.

#17. You just don’t write an article about Colombia without mentioning drugs. So here’s something about drugs: 15 tons of raw pure cocaine — that’s how much white powder just one man shipped into the U.S. alone each day, at one point in time. This is the true Colombian spirit; if you are doing it, do it like a king.

#18. The King of Coke, Pablo Escobar, was born and bred in Colombia. During his heyday, he collected revenue to the tune of $420 million, weekly. That’s more than the monthly salary of all the CEO’s of all the top Fortune 500 companies put together.

#19. Pablo Escobar was so rich he offered $10 billion to waive off Colombia’s National debt.

#20. With so many happy-go-lucky chemicals flowing around, Colombia is reported to be the happiest place on planet earth. Maybe it’s time to revamp the World Drug Policy.


#21. A Nobel Laureate and a best friend of revolutionist Fidel Castro, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, was from Colombia. He is the author of “Love in the Time of Cholera,” which is the most-sold Spanish novel in history. Seems like Colombia colonized Spain, and not the other way around.

#22. Colombia started off as the Viceroyalty of New Granada, but soon broke up to become the Republic of Colombia. It still broke down into the Nueva Granada and then into United States of Colombia. But finally, in 1886, the Republic of Colombia came into being. Too much nationalism for a country its size!

#23. The government of Colombia found a $2 billion Spanish shipwreck under the sea near its coast. Spain, which looted them in the first place, has demanded the money back in an international dispute. Good logic: once you do steal it, it is yours.

#24. Colombia’s Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, at 13,000 m, is the world’s highest coastal mountain range. Incidentally, it’s on the run, and has moved more than a thousand miles in the last 170 million years.

#25. Spanish conquistadors and explorers flocked to the “New World” in search of the hidden treasures of El Dorado. What they found were monkeys eating tropical fruits and lots of trees. Finding nothing else to do, they started doing the same thing.

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