50 Interesting Facts About Oklahoma

Last updated on August 2nd, 2020

4 facts about the flag of Oklahoma

1. The Oklahoma flag is honorary of over 60 Native Americans and their ancestors’ groups. The flag’s blue field is extracted from a flag carried by the Choctaw soldiers during the American civil wars. Its center shield represents the battle shield of the Osage warriors. The flag is decorated with eagle feathers and is made of buffalo leather, and its two peace symbols lie across the shield. The first symbol is the calumet, also referred to as the peace pipe, and the second symbol is an olive branch. The flag’s shield crosses represent Native American star signs symbolizing high ideals.

2. The flag was adopted on 2nd April 1925 and was designed by Louise Funk Fluke based on Joseph Thoburn of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

3. Blue is the primary color of the Oklahoma flag, making up its background in entirety. The Choctaw carried during the civil wars inspired the flag’s main color. The blue color is as well a symbol of devotion.

4. The flag is a unique representation of state traditions and heritage. It features a traditional Osage nation buffalo-skin shield in the center with seven eagle feathers attached to the bottom. The flag has six crosses on the seal representing the Native American symbols stars — the shield as well as eagle feathers spaced at its bottom.