50 U.S. States And Their Nicknames

Last updated on August 2nd, 2021

This page contains the names of the 50 US states and their nicknames. We have a column with the state’s official nickname and other with the unofficial nicknames.

Serial numberState nameOfficial state nicknamesUnofficial state nicknames
1.AlabamaYellowhammer StateHeart of Dixie
Cotton State
Stars Fell on Alabama
Camellia State
Lizard State
Cotton Plantation State
2.AlaskaLast FrontierLand of the Midnight Sun
Great Land
Seward's Folly
Seward's Icebox
Russian America
Territory of Baranov
Mainland State
49th State
Sourdough State
Up Over
3.ArizonaGrand Canyon StateApache State
Copper State
Baby State
Aztec State
Italy of America
Sand Hill State
Sunset State
Valentine State
4.ArkansasNatural State
Land of Opportunity
Wonder State
Bowie State
Toothpick State
Hot Water State
Bear State
Razorback State
What a State!
Diamond State
5.CaliforniaGolden StateGrape State
Land of Sunshine and Opportunity
Land of Milk and Honey
Land of Fruits and Nuts
Where Stars Are Buried
Cereal Bowl of the Nation
Eureka State
Bear State (or Republic)
El Dorado State
Golden West
6.ColoradoCentennial StateColumbine State
Rocky Mountain State
Highest State
Mile-high State
Buffalo Plains State
Lead State
Silver State
Treasure State
Colorful Colorado
7.ConnecticutConstitution StateArsenal of the Nation
Nutmeg State
Provisions State
Blue Law State
Land of Steady Habits
Freestone State
8.DelawareFirst StateDiamond State
Spud State
Blue Hen State
Small Wonder
Peach State
New Sweden
Land of Tax-Free Shopping
9.FloridaSunshine StateEverglade State
Orange State
Alligator State (No other state is nicknamed for a reptile.)
Peninsula State
Flower State
Citrus State
10.GeorgiaPeach StateEmpire State of the South
Goober State
Yankee-land of the South
Cracker State
Buzzard State
Pine State
11.HawaiiAloha StatePineapple State
Rainbow State
Youngest State
Paradise of the Pacific
Crossroads of the Pacific
12.IdahoGem StateSpud State
Gem of the Mountains
Land of Famous Potatoes
13.IllinoisPrairie StateLand of Lincoln
Rainy State
Corn State
Inland Empire
Sucker State
Garden of the West
Garden State
14.IndianaHoosier State
Hospitality State
Crossroads of America
15.IowaHawkeye StateTall Corn State
16.KansasSunflower StateJayhawk State
Wheat State
Central State
Grasshopper State
Garden of the West
Squatter State
Bleeding Kansas
Battleground of Freedom
Cyclone State
Midway, USA
17.KentuckyBluegrass StateTobacco State
Hemp State
Rock-Ribbed State
Dark and Bloody Ground
18.LouisianaPelican StateBayou State
Child of the Mississippi
Creole State
Mardi Gras State
Cajun State
Jazz capital of the US
Bayou Country
Cajun Country
Sportsman's Paradise
Fisherman's Paradise
Holland of America
Sugar State
19.MainePine Tree StateVacationland
Switzerland of America
Down East
Polar Star State
Lumber State
Border State
Old Dirigo State
20.MarylandOld Line StateCockade State
Free State
Monumental State
Terrapin State
Chesapeake State
Oyster State
America in Miniature
21.MassachusettsBay StateColony State
Spirit of America
22.MichiganGreat Lakes StateMitten State
Water Wonderland
Wolverine State
Peninsula State
Lake State
Lady of the Lake
Auto State
23.MinnesotaNorth Star StateGopher State
State of Hockey
Land of 10,000 Lakes
Bread and Butter State
Bread Basket of the Nation
Cream Pitcher of the Nation
Wheat State
Playground of the Nation
New England of the West
24.MississippiMagnolia StateHospitality State
Mudcat State
Groundhog State
Bayou State
Eagle State
Border-Eagle State
25.MissouriShow Me StateBullion State
Cave State
Iron Mountain State
Lead State
Puke State
Ozark State
Pennsylvania of the West.
Mother of the West
26.MontanaTreasure StateBig Sky Country
Last Best Place
Bonanza State
Land of Shining Mountains
Stub-Toe State
Headwaters State
Mountain State
27.NebraskaCornhusker StateBeef State
Tree Planters' State
Antelope State
Bugeating State
Black Water State
28.NevadaSilver StateBattle-Born State
Sagebrush State
Sage State
Mining State
Sierra Nevada Territory
Washoe Territory
Carson Territory
Eastern Slope
Sierra Plata
Oro Plata
Divorce State
29.New HampshireGranite State
Mother of Rivers
White Mountain State
Queen State
Switzerland of America
30.New JerseyGarden StateClam State
Camden State
Camden and Aboy State
Amboy State
Jersey Blue State
Pathway of the Revolution
Mosquito State
31.New MexicoLand of Enchantment"Otro"
New Andalusia
Colorful State
Cactus State
Spanish State
Land of Sunshine
Sunshine State
Land of the Delight Makers
Land of Opportunity
Land of the Heart's Desire
Outer Space State
32.New YorkEmpire StateBig Apple
Excelsior State
Knickerbocker State
Gateway to the West
33.North CarolinaTar Heel StateOld North State
Turpentine State
First in Flight
First in Freedom
Land of the Sky
Rip Van Winkle State
34.North DakotaPeace Garden StateFlickertail State
Sioux State
Roughrider State
Land of the Dakotas
Great Central State
35.OhioBuckeye StateMother of Modern Presidents
Yankee State
36.OklahomaSooner StateCowboy Country
Land of the Red Man
Boomer's Paradise
37.OregonBeaver StateUnion State
Webfoot State
Hard-case State
Sunset State
38.PennsylvaniaKeystone StateIndependence State
Quaker State
Oil State
Coal State
Steel State
39.Rhode IslandOcean State
Little Rhody
Plantation State
Smallest State
Land of Roger Williams
Southern Gateway of New England
40.South CarolinaPalmetto StateRice State
Iodine State
Keystone of the South Atlantic Seaboard
Swamp State
Sand-lapper State.
41.South DakotaMount Rushmore State (Official)Blizzard State
Artesian State
Land of Infinite Variety
Land of Plenty
42.TennesseeVolunteer StateButternut State
Big Bend State
Mother of Southwestern Statesmen
River with the Big Bend
Hog State
Hominy State
43.TexasLone Star StateBeef State
Jumbo State
Super-American State
Banner State
Blizzard State
44.UtahBeehive StateDeseret
Mormon State
Land of the Mormons
Land of the Saints
Salt Lake State
45.VermontGreen Mountain State
46.VirginiaOld DominionMother of Presidents
Ancient Dominion
Mother of States
Mother of Statesmen
Cavalier State
47.WashingtonEvergreen StateState of Love and Trust
Chinook State
Green Tree State
48.West VirginiaMountain StatePanhandle State
49.WisconsinBadger StateAmerica’s Dairyland
Cheese State
Dairy State
America's Bread Basket
Copper State
50.WyomingEquality StateCowboy State
Park State
Suffrage State
Sagebrush State
Big Wyoming
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