68 Interesting Facts About Rabbits

Last updated on December 26th, 2022

52. Egyptian Tradition

The Egyptian goddess Unut is depicted in different forms. Her sculptures originally had a woman’s body and a snake’s head. Later, this was replaced by a lion’s head and a hare’s head.

53. Rabbit’s Foot

In English-speaking regions, a rabbit’s foot is said to bring good luck to the owner. A person must carry it close to the body to be effective. Folklores suggest the left pocket for storage, although it can also be worn around the neck.

54. Popularity

Rabbits are popular in the UK with over 1.2 million of them being kept as pets. They are the 3rd most popular house pets in the country after dogs and cats.

Group of rabbits eating food,
Interesting facts about rabbits. Photo © Ploychan Lompong

55. Hyperactive Pets

Rabbits need about 4 hrs of activity each day to stay happy and prevent osteoporosis. They can run around, toss toys, jump up, play fetch, and more.

56. Panicky Pets

Rabbits should feel safe and secure in their environment. Avoid doing anything that could scare them because they are quick to panic. If their heart rate gets too high, they can get a heart attack.

57. Rabbit Island

A small Japanese island named Okunoshima is also known as Rabbit Island. More than a thousand bunnies live here peacefully without hunters or predators. Tourists are welcome to visit and feed them.

58. Oldest Rabbit

According to Guiness, the world’s oldest rabbit is Mick from Berwyn, Illinois. He turned 16 in 2019 when the record was announced. Mick eats mostly low-calcium greens and hay, with occasional treats like berries, carrots, and radishes.

Cute wild rabbits on Okunoshima Island in sunny weather.
Interesting facts about rabbits. Photo © Kaedeenari

Famous Rabbits

59. The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is a creature from folklore that carries colored eggs, candy, and toys in a basket. It visits homes and leaves rewards for well-behaved children, just like Santa Claus.

60. The Duracell Bunny

Duracell launched a pink rabbit mascot for its 1973 TV ad. It featured several pink toy bunnies banging a drum, with the one using Duracell lasting longer than the others.

61. The Energizer Bunny

After Duracell’s trademark on the drumming bunny lapsed in 1988, Energizer parodied the concept with their own bunny ad. For ease of differentiation, the Energizer Bunny wore sunglasses and had bigger ears.

62. The Cadbury Bunny

Every Easter, Cadbury Chocolates create an ad campaign to sell their Crème Eggs. This typically features a white bunny that clucks like a chicken. Other animals have also appeared in the ads wearing bunny ears.

63. Trix Bunny

Boxes of Trix cereals always have a white rabbit longingly staring at a breakfast bowl. The mascot became the symbol of the brand in 1959 after its first TV commercial.

One young baby rabbit.
Interesting facts about rabbits. Photo © Dmitry Kalinovsky

64. Nesquick Bunny

Quicky, the Nesquick Bunny, is on every retail package of the youth-oriented powdered drink. The human-like rabbit wears a red collar and a letter “N” on its chest. In TV ads, it sings the jingle in a rock-n-roll style.

65. Bugs Bunny

Disney has Mickey Mouse while Looney Tunes has Bugs Bunny. The American icon is a clever but mischievous character that has been making viewers laugh since the 1940s.

66. Roger Rabbit

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” is a 1988 film that blends live action and animation. It won three Academy Awards, including best film editing, best visual effects, and best sound effects editing.

67. Lola Bunny

The original Space Jam movie featuring Michael Jordan included a character named Lola Bunny, a female rabbit that talks and plays basketball with confidence. She is the love interest of Bugs Bunny.

68. Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is a beloved children’s book character created by English author Beatrix Potter. The novel was turned into a 3D live action film in 2018, introducing the story to a new generation of kids.