44 Interesting Facts About Idaho

Last updated on April 19th, 2020

31. Idaho is home to the Niagara of the West. Yes, those who want to experience something like Niagara Falls could check out Shoshone Falls with its 212-foot drop.

32. Those interested in birds of prey will be happy to know that Idaho has an awesome wildlife preserve, which is known for its dense population of falcons, eagles, and hawks.

33. If you are interested in old churches, you may want to visit the Rathdrum. This city holds the state’s oldest brick church called the Saint Stanislaus Church.

34. North America has a lot of ski resorts, but it seems that Idaho beat other states to the punch. The first ski destination in the United States is Idaho’s State Valley.

a bunch of fresh picked huckleberries.
A bunch of fresh picked huckleberries.

35. The state’s fruit is the Huckleberry, which makes sense because Huckleberry tea is good for starch digestion. Potatoes, the most popular vegetable in the state, are full of starch.

36. The state’s motto is “Esto Perpetua,” which means “this is forever.”

37. 13 is a very special number for this state. It is special because it is the 13th largest state (in terms of land area) in America.

38. Idaho might not like the idea of private land. This is evident because a whopping 63 percent of the state is considered public land.

39. Idaho may be known for potatoes, but it should be known for its trout, too. It is estimated that 85 percent of all the commercial trout sold in America comes from Hagerman Valley.

40. Evil Knievel tried to jump over the Twin Falls in 1974. He failed, but those interested in seeing the failed jump can check out the Twin Falls.

41. The word “potato” was first used in the state’s license plate back in 1928, and the state has not looked back since.

42. One of the most celebrated winter celebrations called the Winter Carnival in McCall began in 1924. It actually started because the locals were bored.

43. There are about 4,522,506 acres of wild land in Idaho. Yes, this means there are no roads here.

44. This region is home to the Treefort Music Fest, which is held in Boise. It is perhaps one of the most successful modern country music festivals in America.

Idaho – Quick Facts And State Symbols

State AbbreviationID
State CapitalBoise
Largest CityBoise
State SizeTotal (Land + Water): 83,570 sq miles; Land Only: 82,747 sq miles
(Estimate July 1, 2018 from United States Census Bureau)
StatehoodJuly 3, 1890
State rank by population39th
State rank by date of formation43rd
State rank by area14th
Number of Counties44
Complete list of 50 states and number of counties in each
Bordering StatesMontana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
Official LanguageEnglish
Highest PointBorah Peak
12,662 ft (3,859 m)
Lowest pointConfluence of Snake and Clearwater River; Lewiston
713 ft (217 m)
Length 479 miles (771 km)
Width305 miles (491 km)
Mean elevation5000 feet above sea level
GovernorBrad Little (R)
Lieutenant GovernorJanice McGeachin (R)
Electoral Votes4
State MottoEsto perpetua (Let it be perpetual)
State NicknameGem State
% Water0.98
Noble prize WinnersJames Rainwater (Physics, 1975)
Famous peopleLarry Wilson (Pro Football player)
Harmon Killebrew (Baseball player)
Jeremy Shada
State AmphibianIdaho Giant Salamander
State BirdMountain bluebird
State InsectMonarch butterfly
State FishCutthroat Trout
State FlowerSyringa
State FossilHagerman Horse Fossil
State FruitHuckleberry
State GemStar garnet
State HorseAppaloosa
State RaptorPeregrine Falcon
State TreeWestern white pine
State VegetablePotato
Longitude111°03′ W to 117°15′ W
Latitude42° N to 49° N
Time ZoneMountain Time Zone, Pacific Time Zone
Area Codes208
Table last updatedJune 8, 2020