State Birds – List of State Birds of All 50 US States

Last updated on June 25th, 2023

Most people are familiar with the different US states, their capitals, and the abbreviation used. But what is not common knowledge is that all these 50 states have birds as a state symbol. These state symbols are selected after dedicated search efforts by students, organizations, and citizens.

There is a procedure that states have to undergo before selecting a symbol that they will use to represent them. They have to identify the symbol, request a bill, and go through the standard legislative procedures before it is passed.

If the symbol selected is passed, then the state will use the symbol to represent them. Birds are beautiful, strong, and one of the creatures loved by almost every person. So, it is no wonder that states settled on using different birds as their symbol. However, some states share the same symbol.

This page contains the list of the state birds of the 50 states of the US. 

U.S States bird list

Serial numberState nameState birdBinomial nomenclature
1.AlabamaYellowhammer (Northern flicker)Colaptes auratus
2.AlaskaWillow ptarmiganLagopus lagopus
3.ArizonaCactus wrenCampylorhynchus
4.ArkansasNorthern mockingbirdMimus polyglottos
5.CaliforniaCalifornia quailCallipepla californica
6.ColoradoLark buntingCalamospiza melanocorys
7.ConnecticutAmerican robinTurdus migratorius
8.DelawareDelaware Blue HenGallus gallus
9.FloridaNorthern mockingbirdMimus polyglottos
10.GeorgiaBrown thrasher
Toxostoma rufum
11.HawaiiHawaiian goose (Nēnē)Branta sandvicensis
12.IdahoMountain bluebirdSialia currucoides
13.IllinoisNorthern cardinalCardinalis cardinalis
14.IndianaNorthern cardinalCardinalis cardinalis
15.IowaEastern goldfinch (American goldfinch)Spinus tristis
16.KansasWestern meadowlarkSturnella neglecta
17.KentuckyNorthern cardinalCardinalis cardinalis
18.LouisianaBrown pelicanPelecanus occidentalis
20.MarylandBaltimore oriole
Icterus galbula
21.MassachusettsBlack-capped chickadeePoecile atricapilla
22.MichiganAmerican robinTurdus migratorius
23.MinnesotaCommon loonGavia immer
24.MississippiNorthern mockingbirdMimus polyglottos
25.MissouriEastern bluebirdSialia sialis
26.MontanaWestern meadowlarkSturnella neglecta
27.NebraskaWestern meadowlarkSturnella neglecta
28.NevadaMountain bluebirdSialia currucoides
29.New HampshirePurple finchCarpodacus purpureus
30.New JerseyEastern goldfinch (American goldfinch)
Spinus tristis
31.New MexicoGreater roadrunnerGeococcyx californianus
32.New YorkEastern bluebirdSialia sialis
33.North CarolinaNorthern cardinalCardinalis cardinalis
34.North DakotaWestern meadowlarkSturnella neglecta
35.OhioNorthern cardinalCardinalis cardinalis
36.OklahomaScissor-tailed flycatcherTyrannus forficatus
37.OregonWestern meadowlarkSturnella neglecta
38.PennsylvaniaRuffed GrouseBonasa umbellus
39.Rhode IslandRhode Island RedGallus gallus
40.South CarolinaCarolina wren
Thryothorus ludovicianus
41.South DakotaRing-necked pheasantPhasianus colchicus
42.TennesseeNorthern mockingbirdMimus polyglottos
43.TexasNorthern mockingbirdMimus polyglottos
44.UtahCalifornia gullLarus californicus
45.VermontHermit thrushCatharus guttatus
46.VirginiaNorthern cardinalCardinalis cardinalis
47.WashingtonWillow goldfinch (American goldfinch)Spinus tristis
48.West VirginiaNorthern cardinalCardinalis cardinalis
49.WisconsinAmerican robinTurdus migratorius
50.WyomingWestern meadowlarkSturnella neglecta
Last updatedSeptember 7, 2021