55 Interesting Facts About Arizona

Last updated on November 5th, 2022

Five facts about the flag of Arizona

1. The state flag of Arizona was designed in 1917 by Charles Harris of the state’s National Guard. The state’s legislature officially adopted the flag that same year, despite the governor, Thomas Campbell refusing to sign the bill and refusing to explain why.

Flag of Arizona waving in the sky.
Flag of Arizona on mast.

2. A 2001 survey by the Vexillological Association, a society devoted to flags, voted Arizona’s flag as the 6th best in the US. Other surveys routinely show it to be one of the ten best designed and best liked flag designs in the country. Earlier versions of the flag resembled the Japanese flag too much, and were criticized for that reason.

3. The yellow and red stripes on the top half of the flag symbolize the unique and spectacular landscape of Arizona, as well as suggesting the sun rising or setting. More copper is produced in Arizona than in any other state, as signified by the gold colored star in the center of the flag. The copper color was supposedly created by mixing copper dye in hot water.

4. The distinctive gold and red colors on the flag were also those that were favored by the Spanish explorer Francisco Coronado during the 16th century. Coronado and his party explored much of Arizona and were the first Europeans to see the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.

5. The official measurements of the state’s flag were intended to be six feet wide, and four feet high. The red and yellow area at the top, and the blue area at the bottom were designed to be exactly the same size, with the five pointed star at the very center. The blue and red colors used on the Arizona state flag are the same colors as are traditionally used in the United States national flag.