66 Interesting Facts About Pennsylvania

Last updated on December 21st, 2021

5 Facts About the Flag of Pennsylvania

1. Pennsylvania was the second state in the Union, and was admitted on 12th December, 1787; its flag is one of the oldest in the country. The design of the official state flag of PA dates back to 1799, although the current design dates from 1907 when it was approved by the state legislature.

2. The state’s official motto of Virtue, Liberty and Independence can be seen at the bottom of the Pennsylvania flag. The motto was created by Caleb Lowndes and was meant to inspire hope and confidence in residents following the 18th century War of Independence.

State Flag of Pennsylvania.

3. The state flag of Pennsylvania is more square in shape than rectangular. The flag has been voted the 15th least appealing design in a survey of over 70 US and Canadian state and province flags. Flags featuring the state seal or a blue background in their design tend to be not as popular.

4. The state seal features prominently on the official state flag of the Keystone State, and it incorporates several things that are associated with Pennsylvania. The olive, sheaves of wheat, harnessed horses and plow represent the agricultural history of the state, while the old fashioned sailing ship is representative of the industry, commerce and maritime history. Today the port of Philadelphia is still one of the busiest shipping centers in the world.

5. One of the most important elements on the state’s seal is the iconic American eagle, which symbolizes the loyalty of Pennsylvania residents to the United States, as well as representing strength. The eagle was chosen to be the emblem of the US in the 18th century, and it was said to represent strength, authority and loyalty. Ancient Romans also used the eagle as their emblem, for much the same reasons.